Artists of the Year

SAA Artists of the Year competition is in it's 30th year this year. We are most proud that our Artists Of The Year competition is accessible to even the most beginner artists due to our range of prizes and awards.
Gorilla Study by Martin Buffery

What is SAA Artists of the Year?

Are you an artist looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your work? Look no further than the SAA Artists of the Year competition, now in its 29th year! With over 23,000 entries in the past five years alone, this competition welcomes artists of all levels - from beginners to professionals - to share their passion and accomplishments.

But that's not all - with a range of awards and prizes up for grabs, even as a beginner, you could win big! We want to inspire and celebrate artists at all levels and abilities, and with free entry for SAA members, there's no reason not to get involved. So why not tell your friends and join the fun?

Plus, this year's competition is being hosted on the 'Zealous' platform, making it easier than ever to enter. Simply create a free account, upload your high-quality images, and even save your entries as drafts or edit them after you've submitted - all up until the deadline. Don't miss your chance to shine - enter now!

View 2023 winners

In 2023, we received over 2,000 entries. Here are the winners that were selected by our panel of judges.

View 2022 winners

View all the winners from Artists of the Year 2022.

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