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2024 Winners Gallery

2024 was another amazing year of artwork in our Artists of the Year competition.

Abstract or Experimental Artist of the Year

Alison Stafford

Here Comes The Rain

"Each painting starts with a physical reaction to the place or moment that has inspired me. This may be in the form of energetic scribbles or languid brushstrokes, but either way it is this emotion that carries through each painting, with careful colour selection emphasising the story that I am telling.

My entry was influenced heavily by the weather that we experienced over the winter months with a few tiny sparks of hope injected in the form of bright specks."


2nd place

Elicia McKenzie
I Am Abstraction

3rd place

Catherine Embleton
Breathing Space

Land, Sea and City Artist of the Year

Sam Walters

The Light Beyond

"An abstract landscape inspired by the countryside of both Wales and the Wolds, where I have spent most of my life. My pieces develop through a process of intuitive marks, layers and glazes and draw on imagined and remembered landscapes, creating a place which both encompasses lots of actual locations and yet isn't quite anywhere, remaining slightly out of reach."


2nd place

Jo Rockley
Hamster Jam

3rd place

Roger Jenkins
Berwick upon Tweed

People Artist of the Year

Clive Bryant

Rosie, Leo and Zach

"This is a painting of my grandchildren, Rosie, Leo and Zach. Zach was born with a very rare condition called Menkes disease. We were told he would only live to age three. Amazingly, despite many periods when he has been incredibly ill, he is currently six. He cannot speak, has regular seizures and has little quality of life; yet he adores his two siblings who bring a huge smile to his face. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

The references for this painting were taken on one of Zach's many hospital stays, which separates him from his younger brother and sister. He was so pleased to be visited by them. You can feel the joy filling the space between them. The connection they enjoy together transcends Zach's inability to communicate verbally.

Rather than heart-breaking, this painting is intended to be life-affirming. There is a joy beyond the tragedy of Zach's condition."

We are saddened to inform you that Zach has since passed away, our thoughts go out to his family.


2nd place

Maria Russell
The Spaces We Fill

3rd place

Amanda Webster
Professional Sniper - (Retired)

Still Life & Botanical Artist of the Year

Ray West

Reflecting on Goodwood

"This pastel pencil painting was created using my own photo reference taken at the Goodwood Revival 2023. This amazingly restored 1948 Diamond T low loader vehicle was parked outside the main entrance. It has this brilliant chrome front bumper, which on the day, by getting down low and in just the right position, I captured the reflection of the queue of people waiting to start an amazing day out at Goodwood. I simply love the reflections on the bumper, but also on the rest of the bodywork and wheel. The number plate has been amended to reflect the location and year.


After initially taking the photo it held pride of place on my computer home-screen for a few months, inspiring me to create this original artwork from it. I loved taking on the challenge to bring the subject to life using pastels, ensuring the colouring, light and dark tones were just right to make it emerge from the page. I wanted the viewer to believe in its reality, whilst enjoying the original subject matter. I wasn't sure if I could blend the reflected queue of people into the painting to maintain it's realism, but I believe it works perfectly. I would say I am most proud of this achievement to date as an artist."


2nd place

Anna Paruk
Spring Table

3rd place

Valerie Rath
Lanterns in the Blue Room

Wildlife Artist of the Year

Emma Hunnisett

With Some Consideration

"As soon as I saw the photograph of this Chimpanzee, I knew I had to draw him. I feel like this beautiful soul is looking straight into mine - a level of understanding that us human beings sometimes overlook in other species. The hardest part of this drawing, but also the greatest pleasure was capturing the intensity of his focus."


2nd place

Marie Macdonald

3rd place

Vesela Sultanova

People's Choice Award

Rosie Lowe


"There is nothing quite like the look of pure devotion a dog shows their owner! Being a dog owner myself, I really wanted to show the willingness to please being the dog’s eyes and how you can tell by the hand placement that he’s made his owner so proud. This artwork is very special to me, reminding me of own Spaniel, Gunner."


Highly Commended