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Whether you want to learn about tonal value, or how colour composition can affect your work, we have all the information you could want...

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  • Colour
    From colour theory to colour composition and everything in between, we'll help you learn more about how colour works and how it will affect your work.
  • Watercolour
    Probably the most popular medium in the UK, this challenging medium is so versatile and captivating. Explore our guides to get the most from this classic paint.
  • Art Fundamentals
    Packed full of basic painting and drawing skills and techniques, there is plenty here whatever your preferred medium.
  • Acrylic
    Acrylics are one of the most versatile mediums, with heavy body and fluid options available, you really can paint however you like with these exciting paints.
  • Pastel
    With a whole spectrum of colours and choice of both hardness and softness available, pastels are such a wide ranging and versatile medium.
  • Oil
    Oil paints can be tricky to work with at first but let our fountain of oil paint knowledge get you started and refine your techniques.
  • Brushes
    There are an infinite amount of brush techniques and we have plenty of artists eager to show you their favourites.
  • Pencils, Drawing & Charcoal
    Paint isn't the only way you can create wonderful masterpieces. We've got so much Pencil & Charcoal knowledge to share which you can use to experiment with in your own artwork.
  • Pens & Inks
    Discover the wonderful world of Pen & Ink with all the videos and articles we, and the SAA professional artists have to share.

What's new?

  • Brush Buying Guide
    With this guide, learn all about the factors you need to consider to buy the perfect brush for your painting.
  • Working Upside Down
    Painting upside down can help you get the proportions of your painting right. Let Jo Allsopp teach you all her tips and tricks and tell you why painting upside down is such a great technique.
  • Artist Canvas
    Learn about all the Canvas types there are available and how to prim and frame them.

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