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Understanding Colour

Whether we use it for impact, or contrast, or we go for a more realistic or sympathetic approach, colour is at the core of every piece of art. Learn more about how to understand it and use it.
  • Colour Theory
    Ali Hargreaves will teach you the importance of colour theory and how it can improve your artwork.
  • Hues
    You may have seen some of your paint tubes mention 'Hue' on them, we'll be shedding some light on what this means.
  • Mixing Blacks
    Using black can be a controversial choice... learn more from Warren Sealey...
  • Paint Series
    We'll explain the difference in cost of various pigments and what makes some expensive.
  • Fugitive Colour
    You may have heard artists call certain colours "fugitive colours". If you're not familiar with the term, let us enlighten you.
  • Mixing Greys
    Mixing greys into your paint can be a bit confusing, let us give you some tips.
  • Colour Wheel
    Improve your understanding of colour and discover the importance of a colour wheel.