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You may have seen some of your paint tubes mention 'Hue' on them, we'll be shedding some light on what this means.

What does Hue mean on a paint tube?

A colour with Hue in its name is a colour made from man-made modern organic pigments as an alternative to traditional ones.  There can be many reasons for creating a Hue colour - some pigments are rare and difficult to source, other traditional pigments are toxic, and some are very expensive to use. 

Manufacturers use modern technologies to develop new paint which offer a very close colour match to the ones with traditional pigments, with safer and less expensive pigments. A hue colour is not necessarily inferior as modern technologies can stabilize and improve a colour as a Hue. The pigments which are known to fade can be lightfast as a Hue and toxic minerals are replace with safer stable modern pigments. 

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