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Group insurance for SAA members

SAA Members will benefit from cover under the Group Insurance Policies. These policies have been arranged with members in mind. They provide cover for their paintings at exhibitions giving you peace of mind that your treasured artworks are safely covered from damage or loss.

All our members also benefit from third party public liability cover through the Group Insurance Policies, this takes the stress away knowing that your students, club members and the public are covered in the event of a personal injury or property damage.

Please note: SAA Group Insurance does not cover any 3D artwork

What’s included?

Any artist can join the SAA as a member and all members are covered under SAA Group Insurance (UK & ROI only). The amount and type of cover provided will depend on your membership type:

Membership type Cover
Standard Up to £1,000 of insurance cover for paintings at exhibitions.
Silver Up to £4,000 of insurance cover for paintings at exhibitions.
Gold Up to £10,000 of insurance cover for paintings at exhibitions.
Platinum Up to £30,000 of insurance cover for paintings at exhibitions.
Overseas Unfortunately overseas membership only includes exhibition cover under the Group Insurance Policies whilst in the UK but most other main membership benefits apply.
Clubs & Groups £10 million of Third Party Public Liability Insurance.

The SAA have negotiated £10 million of third party public liability insurance package, which is included as a membership benefit for all UK art club members. If you hold meetings, events, exhibitions, outings, demonstrations or workshops in your homes, the village hall, church hall, school room or any other place indoors or outside, art committee members could be liable if your group does not have third party public liability insurance.

With typical costs starting at £100 – £300 a year this can be very expensive especially for small groups. By joining the SAA your members will be covered as affliated members of the SAA. If they require cover for paintings at exhibitons they can join the SAA as individual full members and also enjoy the many other benefits of individual membership.
Insurance Guide

Insurance Guide

All SAA members benefit from exhibitions insurance under the SAA’s group policy as standard.

There’s no requirement to register your paintings with us before the event, so long as you’re able to provide evidence that your paintings were exhibited (along with their individual value) in the event of a claim.

For further information, take a look at our handy insurance guide.

Insurance Guide

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