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I understand that the information contained in the application form is personal data which is needed for the processing of this job application. The information supplied will therefore be held in the company database and if I am appointed further information about me will be held for personnel administration purposes and my employment. Any such data will be held and collected in line with GDPR laws. Please see our Privacy policy to find out more about how we will use your personal information and protect the data you share with us.


I have completed this application form accurately and truthfully. I have not withheld any information that could reasonably be considered relevant to my application. I understand that the appointment, if offered, will be subject to the information on this application being correct, and my right to work in the UK. I understand that providing false information with regard to this application shall disqualify me from such appointment, or if discovered after employment, may lead to my dismissal.


By selecting ‘ I Agree’ you confirm that you have read the information above and the company privacy policy.

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