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We're here to help...

Whether you need help logging in, resetting your password or accessing your community are we're here to help!

You might notice we have just switched over to a brand-new website. Please bear with us whilst we collate some final information.

Why might I not be able to log in?

When we switched over to our new website, we added some additional security measures to ensure that our site maintains the highest standard of security in the fast-paced online world. 

Unfortunately, this has meant for some customers the need to reset their password to meet the new security standards and ensure we are keeping your personal data safe. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this, but the safety of your data is one of our key concerns.  

  • If you cannot access your account via your normal password, please try to reset your password via this link:  

    This will then send you a password reset email to the email attached to your account - follow the reset instructions in your email to reset your password and log in.    

  • If you haven't received a password re-set email - please check your email is spelt correctly and resubmit the request. Please also check your junk email folder - just in case your reset email has landed in there.  

    If your email is correct, it might be that we have an alternative email set up against your account. Please contact our customer service team via our contact form with your name, email address and membership number (if you have it). They will strive to retrieve and reset your account manually as quickly as possible.  

  • We've improved how you login to our shop and community area websites by introducing a single place to sign in.  This means your two accounts are no longer separate - you don't need to login to both websites separately, and you now only have one password (the password you use on our shop website).

    If you have any difficulties, or you can't remember your password, simply reset it on the website.

  • As part of our security procedure when you create or reset your password you will need to meet our criteria.

    Your password must contain 1 number, 1 upper-case letter, 1 lower-case letter and 1 special character.

    If you believe you have met this criteria but it still is not accepting your password please try an alternative special character.

  • If you enter your password incorrectly 5 times our system locks your account to protect personal information from external threats.

    To unlock your account please use our contact form to let us know and our customer service team will unlock it safely.

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