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Sennelier l'Aquarelle Watercolour Walnut Box Set of 96 Half Pans + Accessories

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This beautiful walnut wooden box contains 96 Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists’ Extra Fine Half Pan Watercolours, complete with two porcelain palettes and three Raphael watercolour brushes.

These stunning Sennelier L'Aquarelle Watercolours are produced with the added inclusion of honey which acts not only as a preservative, but also as an additive bestowing incomparable brilliance and smoothness. Always striving for excellence, Sennelier’s unique formula reinforces the longevity, radiance, and luminosity of the colour. Made in France using traditional methods, the colour palette remains that, as always, of the impressionists.

Set Contents:
Walnut Wooden Box (46cm x28cm x4cm)
96 Sennelier L'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolour Half Pans
Raphael Imitation Kolinsky Flat Watercolour Brush
Raphael Imitation Kolinsky Round Brush
Raphael Imitation Kolinsky Rigger Brush
Raphael Honey Based Soap for Brushes
Sennelier Cleaning Cloth
Colour Card

Chinese White
Titanium White
Burnt Umber
Greenish Umber
Raw Umber
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Green Earth
Yellow Ochre
Light Yellow Ochre
Gold Ochre
Cerulean Blue
Cerulean Blue Red Shade
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Deep
Ultramarine Light
French Ultramarine Blue
Ultramarine Deep
Prussian Blue
Royal Blue
Phthalocyanine Blue
Phthalocyanine Turquoise
Cinereous Blue
Blue Indanthrene
Blue Sennelier
Van Dyck Brown
Transparent Brown
Warm Sepia
Raw Sepia
Brown Pink
Perylene Brown
Lemon Yellow
Indian Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Cadmium Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Orange
Yellow Lake
French Ochre
Naples Yellow Deep
Naples Yellow
Primary Yellow
Nickel Yellow
Sennelier Yellow Light
Sennelier Yellow Deep
Quinacridone Gold Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Red Purple
Scarlet Lacquer
Bright Red
Venetian Red
Red Orange
Sennelier Orange
Chinese Orange
Opera Rose
Helios Purple
French Vermillion
Quinacridone Red
Permanent Magenta
Crimson Lake
Alizarin Crimson
Rose Madder Lake
Rose Dore Madder Lake
Alizarin Crimson Lake
Permanent Aliz Crimson Deep
Payne's Grey
Warm Grey
Light Grey
Sennelier Grey
Lamp Black
Ivory Black
Phthalo. Green Light
Phthalo. Green Deep
Hooker's Green
Olive Green
Chromium Oxide Green
Sennelier Green
Sap Green
Cadmium Green Light
Viridian Green
Turquoise Green
Emerald Green
Cobalt Green
Brown Green
Bright Yellow Green
Forest Green
Blue Violet
Red Violet
Cobalt Violet Light Hue
Cobalt Violet Deep Hue
Dioxazine Purple
Caput Mortuum
Neutral Tint

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Sennelier l'Aquarelle Artists' Watercolour
Half Pan
Half Pan