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POSCA pens are paint markers that can be used on almost any surface. From footwear to flowerpots, wooden surfaces to walls, you can use POSCA pens to create on almost any surface. Easy to use, easy to clean and great for creatives of any ability.

Celebrate Spring with POSCA Markers!

Using Uni POSCA Pens, SAA’s Anita has upcycled a plant pot perfect for gardening this Spring. With the opaque nature and vibrant colours of POSCAs, they’re perfect for any craft and surface. 

POSCA Marker Sets

Whether you need extra fine or broad tips, a starter set or something specific we have a set of POSCA marker pens just for you.

POSCA Marker Loose Pens

From neons to pastels, chisel to fine tip, find your perfect shade or shape for your next creative project with our loose POSCA pens.

Back to Basics with POSCA

POSCA paint markers are vibrant, quick-drying, lightfast and water-soluble. Create a new masterpiece in minutes or add them to your mixed-media toolkit thanks to their amazing layering capabilities.
We’ve put together some quick tips and tricks to help you get started with POSCA pens. Learn how to make the most of this versatile medium with these video tutorials.

POSCA Pens in All Shapes & Sizes

The SAA has a wide range of Posca marker pens available in bullet and chisel tips as well as a broad range of sizes. Ultra fine, extra fine, fine, medium, large and broad. Our sets come in a rainbow of colours, pastels and monotones making them perfect for any art project.

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Our Top Tips for Using POSCA Pens

POSCA paint markers are one of the most simple and effective mediums in an artist’s toolkit. Join our in-house artist Anita as she shares her top 10 tips for getting started with POSCA paint pens.

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