Matthew Palmer Collection

With the ability to teach anyone to create a watercolour painting to be proud of, Matthew is well known for his encouraging and motivating teaching style. Matthew spends much of his time running watercolour holidays, hosting workshops and demonstrations stretching across the country. He has worked closely with the SAA to create a concise range of watercolour products to help any artist achieve fantastic results time after time.

Matthew Palmer

Matthew Palmer is a very long-standing member of the SAA community and a sought-after teaching artist. Matthew regularly features in Paint & Create, as a workshop host, on our Video on Demand service and within our blog

Matthew is famous for his ability to get even the most beginner artist to paint a scene they're proud of, and for having curated an extensive library of watercolour brushes providing you with all the tools necessary for any mark-making endeavour!

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Matthew Palmer works closely with the SAA and has curated his own set of paints, brushes and accessories. His brushes are particularly coveted for the vast range of techniques they make available to watercolourists.

  • Watercolour Brushes
    Matthew Palmer brushes have been developed to help you create beautiful paintings effortlessly - having the right tools makes a huge difference to your work.
  • Watercolour Paints
    This range of watercolours saves the hassle of colour-mixing as it has been specifically designed to complement Matthew’s tutorials which are inspired by the natural world around him.
  • Paper, Books and Accessories
    The Matthew Palmer Collection wouldn’t be complete without Matthew’s carefully chosen range of paper, accessories and books.

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Matthew's beginner-friendly teaching style is both encouraging and motivating. The SAA has a plethora of Matthew Palmer content, he's inspired by many of the scenes he sees across the UK as he runs watercolour holidays, workshops and demonstrations around the country.

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