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Alison's 50 at 50 Challenge

Our partner artist Alison Board is embarking on a brand-new project – ’50 at 50’. This challenge is all about celebrating her life and memories by creating 50 paintings to commemorate her milestone birthday! Not only is this a remarkable challenge, but Alison is also auctioning each piece, and donating 50% of the profits to Dorset Wildlife Trust – a charity close to her heart. You can follow participate in Alison’s journey via her website and social media. 

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Alison C. Board Collection

Alison C. Board has long been a popular partner and artist with the SAA, regularly featuring in Paint & Create, on our Video on Demand service and within our blog
Alison is well known for her accessible and easy-to-follow style of teaching. Often taking learners through her entire thought process and encouraging them to: make their own creative decisions, take inspiration from her techniques and ultimately complete an artwork of their very own.

Alison has curated her own range of best-selling watercolour paints, available to purchase individually or in sets of 3 or 6.

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Find the perfect partners to accompany your new Alison C. Board watercolour paints by exploring Ali’s full collection of materials. Her range of watercolour papers and her best selling watercolour with mixed media book will inspire and help you create artwork that reflects her unique mixed media painting style. 

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High-quality & Ethically sourced

The extended paint range from SAA Professional Artist, Alison C. Board reflects her experimental style, combining her passions for quality, colour and environmental sustainability. The cool colours in her palette are suitable for a wide range of subjects and styles, their granulating properties creating effortless texture, whilst the new, warmer colours offer a vibrant, contemporary feel with the ability to mix and blend.   

Made in the UK, these highly lightfast, vegan paints will encourage you to explore your creativity, relishing the delicious colours and top quality pigments. Available in 6 beautiful colours, Quinacridone Magenta, Bee’s Gold, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Violet, and Black Iron Oxide. 

SEE IT IN ACTION Quinacridone Magenta

Don't let the pink fool you into thinking it is anything but a firework on paper. You will only need a small amount to give your subjects luminosity and personality. 

Ali’s striking Flamingo uses the drama and the softness of the magenta with impact – watch and see for yourself! 


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A yellow for all subjects that gives strong mixes, flashes of light and can also be mixed down to very subtle and soft tones to add atmosphere to any painting.  

Watch as Alison creates soft yellows and oranges in this floral portrait of some spring tulips.


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SEE IT IN ACTION Cobalt Turquoise

This unique formulation can be used for soft, atmospheric applications through to the most dynamic of subjects. It mixes such a great and varied range of greens that you can be painting land or sea and still only need the one colour. 

See it in action with Alison’s creative interpretation of a blue Basilisk Lizard and watch the granulating texture bring him to life.  


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SEE IT IN ACTION Ultramarine Violet

Using a combination of various techniques see Alison's Ultramarine Violet watercolour in action as she layers the colours on top of her Millford watercolour paper.  

Alison will show you that you don't need a whole rainbow of colours to create a wonderful piece of artwork. 


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This Cobalt Blue has vibrancy to die for. Watch Alison bring this Blue Jay to life and really put the 'blue' in Blue Jay.

And learn how to incorporate pen into your watercolour painting as you make the most of this gorgeous colour.


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SEE IT IN ACTION Black Iron Oxide

Black Iron Oxide is the perfect paint to experiment with the absence of colour or for adding darker tones and shadows.  

Watch as Alison uses graphite and her Black Iron Oxide paint to bring a Lemur to life on her Millford watercolour paper. 


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Discover the making process...

Ever wondered what the process of making paint is like? Marc Jackman will give you an exclusive insight into each step he took to create Alison C. Boards paint collection.


In this video, he will explain what he does in each step of the making process, from sourcing the raw materials to packaging and sealing. He'll even demonstrate how he fills and seals tubes! 

Interview with Marc Jackman

Enjoy this exclusive interview with Marc Jackman and Alison C. Board as they discuss the process of making Alison's paint collection, and the experience of working together on the project.

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