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Catch up with all of the International Watercolour Masters demonstrations from 25th May.

Le Fe

La Fe follows a tradition of handling watercolour with a purist approach, often rendering his subject en plein air. It's his ability to get his perception onto paper with immediacy and directness which underpins his abilities.


Catch up with Le Fe as he makes his debut at International Watercolour Masters 2022.

Xi Guo

"By my paintings, both nature and portraits, I am seeking the beauty of the forms of lives, delightful and ugly, booming and straggling, flourishing and dead."

Catch up with Xi Guo as she not only makes her debut at IWM but also her first live appearance in the UK.

Mat Barber Kennedy

Mat explores and celebrates physical manifestations of human endeavour. He is fascinated by the junctions of materials and by the corrosive relationship between designed objects, patterns of use, and the passage of time.

2022 is Mat Barber Kennedy’s first appearance at the International Watercolour Masters Exhibition.


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