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7th September 2022

Today's 30-minute demonstration from Issy Coe is an instruction in mixed media straight from her home studio. Claire Warner's tip is to utilise your emotions in order to stoke your creativity.

30-minute challenge with Issy Coe Faerie Glen in Mixed Media

Issy Coe joins in our 30 minute challenge by using mixed media and a variety of tools and techniques to demonstrate how you can create a loose interpretation of a Faerie Glen.

Issy uses masking fluid, watercolour, acrylic ink and acrylics.

Don't forget to share your 30-minute artwork with us on the challenge page.

Dispelling your artist's block

Creative or artist's block can strike even the most prolific painter or illustrator, we'll be sharing tips with you throughout the month to help you dispel that block!

Today's tip is from Claire Warner:
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