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3rd September 2022

Work with Murray Ince for 30 minutes as he describes how to paint trees using Watermixable Oils.

30-minute challenge with Murray Ince Tree Painting in Watermixable Oils

Murray Ince joins in giving us 30 minutes of tuition demonstrating how he paints trees on a landscape by painting a landscape with Artisan Watermixable Oils.

Murray is working 'Chiaro Scuro', which means to work light against dark - the contrast gives depth to the painting and helps to place subjects within the painting. He loves oil painting for how forgiving

Oils are wonderfully forgiving to work with: you can build up layers, working dark to light and if you're unhappy with your work you can completely wipe it off!

Something every artist should try

We asked our PAs, "What should every artist should try on their artistic journey?" and we're sharing their answers.

See if there's something that you haven't tried yet and give it a go, don't forget to use share your story either whether you give it a go or if you have another tip or trick you'd love to share with us too.

This tip is from Chris Teal.
Facebook: Chris Teal Art Studio