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28th September 2022

Tracey Bengeyfield concludes her keys project excellently by completing the fifth key using watercolour pencils and adding shadows to whole paintingz.
Susanna Heath recommends tricking yourself by committing to just a short time sketching, once you get started you won't be able to stop.

30-minute challenge with Tracey Bengeyfield The Celtic Key in Watercolour Pencil

Tracey Bengeyfield concludes her excellent keys project in our 30 Minute Painting Challenge today. Starting with the fifth key created in watercolour pencil.

30-minute challenge with Tracey Bengeyfield Adding Shadows in Watercolour

Tracey completes her key painting by adding some final touches to the subject. She proves that adding shadows to accentuate the keys can make the world of difference.

Dispelling your artist's block

Creative or artist's block can strike even the most prolific painter or illustrator, we'll be sharing tips with you throughout the month to help you dispel that block!

Today's tip is from Susanna Heath:
Facebook: @susannaheathfineart
Instagram: @susannaheathfineart