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24th September 2022

Geof Staniford uses Sennelier Pastels to paint a picture of Wallasey Beach.
Irena Boobyer suggests making a one line drawing - it's harder than you might think but a lot of fun!

30-minute challenge with Geoffrey Staniford Wallasey Beach in Pastel

Geof Staniford wishes the SAA a happy birthday with this pastel painting of a local beach - Wallasey Beach. Geof likes to take a creative approach to the sky as he works, and not stick to exactly what the photograph represents.

Something every artist should try

We asked our PAs, "What should every artist should try on their artistic journey?" and we're sharing their answers.

See if there's something that you haven't tried yet and give it a go, don't forget to use share your story either whether you give it a go or if you have another tip or trick you'd love to share with us too.

Today's tip is from Irena Boobyer:
Instagram: @irenaboobyerpapercutting
Facebook: @irenaboobyerartist