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20th September 2022

Jo Allsopp likes to incorporate new media into her work to disguise mistakes, and including them elsewhere in the painting so it doesn't stand out.

30-minute challenge with Alison C. Board Technique Tuesday for '30 Days': Day Twenty - 'Junk Mail'

Alison C. Board has got her own event during September called '30 days hath September' which sees her joining in with the 30-minute challenge using her her own 30 prompts to inform her creative decisions for 30 minute paintings done for 30 days.

Alison will be taking over our Facebook page at 11:00am, hosting a live stream for todays prompt: Junk Mail.

If you follow along, don't forget to share your work with us in the 30-minute painting challenge.

Watch the video on facebook

How to fix a mistake in your artwork

Mistakes - we all make them, so don't get frustrated - just follow along with the fabulous tips we have lined up from our professional artists and let them guide you.

Today's tip is from Jo Allsopp: