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18th September 2022

Melanie Cambridge produces an excellent seascape in Oils using Cold Wax medium for texture and Ali Hargreaves believes the best way to overcome to artist's block is to not get stuck in a rut - keep experimenting!

30-minute challenge with Melanie Cambridge Breaking Waves in Oils

Melanie Cambridge teaches how to observe the motion of the waves in order to reproduce the surf and the breaking of the waves in your painting, covers how to use complementary colours in order to tone down bright hues and also how to use Cold Wax Medium to create texture in your painting - all in just 30 minutes as part of our challenge.

Something every artist should try

We asked our PAs, "What should every artist should try on their artistic journey?" and we're sharing their answers.

See if there's something that you haven't tried yet and give it a go, don't forget to use share your story either whether you give it a go or if you have another tip or trick you'd love to share with us too.

Today's tip is from Ali Hargreaves:
Youtube: Alisart
Facebook: @alisart
Instagram: @alijhargreaves
Artist Demo Days: @artistdemodays