Yupo Painting Paper 10 x loose sheets A4 296 x 210mm 85gsm

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Versatile painting surface - wipe off to reveal a dazzling white surface, scratch when dry, blend and merge colours in a most exciting way. This smooth, synthetic paper is perfect for those watercolour or acrylic artists wanting to develop their artistic flair.

10 sheets of A4 Yupo painting paper.

Size: 297 x 210 mm

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Posted by Mrs Jean Harley, Friday, 19 October 2018 on product Yupo Painting Paper 10 x loose sheets A4 296 x 210mm 85gsm


Looking for larger sheets of Yupo paper ... Have you or are you planning on stocking A3 ? I run an art group ...have bought and passed out A4 Yupo ...we want to,try larger paintings ... Jacksons are offering sample booklets of all 3 weights and do stock A4 but are out of stock at moment ...... Can go on to Amazon and buy would as one of your first members like to,buy through you whenever possible as you cater so well f or the amateur amd leisure painters who do not wish buy large quantities .. Impreesed by ease of lifting etc with Yupo ...


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