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Winsor and Newton Oil Colour Liquin Original 250ml (Bttl) (Please Note: Mainland UK Delivery Only)

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The most popular liquid medium, which improves the flow oil and alkyd colours for smooth brushwork, subtle blending or fine detail.
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What product makes oil paints dry faster


  • Posted by Anita Pounder on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

    There are a number of mediums which will speed up the drying time of Oil paint. An Alkyd medium is an oil drying medium, but there are others like Drying Linseed oil , Thickened Linseed oil or Liquin Original.

    These mediums will help speed up the drying time of oils and you will notice the paint is touch dry a few days sooner. Oil paintings should still be left 6 months to a year before a final varnish is applied to ensure all the paint has dried.

    Hope this information helps

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