Kristine Nason

Tuition FROM: Saturday, 1 January 2000 TO: Thursday, 1 January 2099

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    Several members of my family are teachers, so I was aware from quite an early age that this was a profession to be avoided at all costs! However, since I have been working as a professional full-time artist I have come into contact with so many people keen to learn about the way I work, and I have discovered what a pleasure it is to teach those who genuinely want to learn. Also, how much I can learn from others!

    My own style of work is generally very meticulous and planned. It is based on a thorough understanding of the subjects I am rendering and the materials I'm working with. I explore through the process of drawing, mentally plotting subjects in three dimensions, so naturally I view drawing as a fundamental skill, and being able to draw well underpins everything I do and everything I teach.

    I paint with watercolour, and for me a painting can take days, or even weeks to complete - depending on the size and complexity of the piece. The process is one of continual assessment and re-assessment, balancing tones and shapes, building form and colour in layers until I know I have captured the subject of the work in a believable way.

    Of course this is just my way of working that has evolved over time to suit me personally, and when I'm working with students I can only show them what I do and why I do it. I also teach them to develop their observational skills, to learn to think like artists, and to develop their own individual ways of working so that they can express themselves through their artwork. I can't show anyone a rapid route to artistic success, but I can turn on a few lights, open a few doors - and I am constantly thrilled to see students make great strides along their learning curves after seemingly-small things have been pointed out to them.

    The knowledge I feel able to pass on to others is in drawing and watercolour technique, but I do experiment with other media myself, and encourage students to do likewise. I teach adults through workshops, demonstrations and individual tuition. Those who come to me for one-to-one teaching are generally interested in watercolour master-classes in portraiture; others want to know how to draw horses accurately and sympathetically; and there are those who just want a troubleshooting session where I can assess problems and offer remedies for them.
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    RG42 4LP
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    Subjects: Portrait or Figure, Portrait or Figure
    Media: Watercolour, Pencil/Charcoal, Drawing
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