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  1. Derwent Burnisher & Blender Pencil Set

    Derwent Burnisher & Blender Pencil Set

    RRP £8.99
    SAA Price £8.09

    This fabulous Burnisher and Blender set allows you to use the Burnisher over colour to create a shine, without changing the colour of your artwork or lay the Burnisher down first and use for "wax resist" techniques with soft pencils. The colourless Blender allows you to apply layers of colour, enhancing the intensity of coloured pencils.

    Learn More
  2. Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Helical Sharpener

    Derwent Super Point Mini Manual Helical Sharpener

    RRP £19.99
    SAA Price £17.99

    Create unrivalled pencil points. . .

    The Derwent Super Point desk sharpener has a durable helical blade which sharpens pencils to super points for fine detail work and won't let you down.

    Because the helical blades rotate round the pencil, they don't blunt like a regular sharpener.


    It is suitable for pencils up to 8mm in diameter; the extendable front plate has a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point. The transparent sliding tray reservoir is easily emptied and each sharpener comes with a desk clamp.

    Please note that pastel pencils are fragile and will break if handled too roughly; to get a nice point, we would recommend a soft touch when operating the sharpener, and then to clean it out afterwards by sharpening an ordinary graphite pencil. Learn More
  3. Derwent Pocket Pencil Wrap

    Derwent Pocket Pencil Wrap

    RRP £8.99
    SAA Price £8.09

    The smart way to carry your pencils!

    Get out and about with this handy canvas Pocket Pencil Wrap from Derwent! It holds and protects up to 12 pencils, has a secure velcro fastening and slips easily into your pocket.

    Once you're on location, just unfold the wrap and start drawing an inspiring scene in seconds! Learn More
  4. Derwent Pencil Extenders

    Derwent Pencil Extenders

    RRP £8.09
    SAA Price £7.28

    Never get caught short again with these versatile packs of Derwent Pencil Extenders!

    When your pencils become too short to hold comfortably, simply insert them into these handy tools and you can carry on using them - making sure you get the very most from your pencils and your money!

    This set includes two different sizes of extender - one fits standard 7mm pencils, such as Derwent Watercolour and Graphic Pencils, while the other fits more chunky 8mm pencils, such as Derwent Pastel Pencils and Coloursoft Pencils.

    Get more from your pencils with Derwent Pencil Extenders!

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  5. Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set - palette 2

    Derwent Inktense Paint Pan Travel Set - palette 2

    RRP £22.99
    SAA Price £20.69

    Take Inktense with you with this highly portale, versatile paint pan travel set. Lay down bold washes of rich colour layers to create intense, ink-like colour.

    With 12 lightfast colours, five mixing palettes in the lid, a mini waterbrush and a sponge, this travel set will set you off on an inktense adventure like nothing before!

    Set includes:
    Sherbet Lemon, Navy Blue, French Ultramarine, Turquoise, Sepia Ink, Tangerine, Ionian Green, Antique White, Scarlet, Light Olive, Fuchsia, Red Oxide,
    Mini Water brush
    Cleaning sponge Learn More
  6. Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin of 12

    Derwent Pastel Pencil Tin of 12

    RRP £23.99
    SAA Price £21.59

    Pastel Pencils are great because they give you the softness and strong colour of pastels without the mess. Create great pastel paintings in no time with this fabulous tin of 12.

    Colours included in this set:

    -Process Yellow (030)
    -Spectrum Orange (100)
    -Cadmium Red (130)
    -Violet (260)
    -Cyan (340)
    -Prussian Blue (350)
    -Forest Green (410)
    -Pea Green (430)
    -Sepia (530)
    -Yellow Ochre (580)
    -Carbon Black (710)
    Titanium White (720) Learn More
  7. Derwent Waterbrush Complete set of 3

    Derwent Waterbrush Complete set of 3

    RRP £13.00
    SAA Price £11.70

    The Derwent Waterbrush is perfect for taking out into the field; no need for water pots and endless traditional brushes! They are portable, easy to use and great alongside any water-soluble pencils and sticks.

    The brushes house water in the barrel of the brush which is supplied to the fibre tip via a valve, giving a constant flow of water when the brush meets paper. For wet on wet techniques just add slight pressure to the barrel and to clean it simply apply pressure to the barrel and the dirty water will work its way out of the brush.

    The Waterbrushes have a patented valve that stops water from leaking and potentially ruining artwork. This set contains the fine, medium and chisel tip brushes. Learn More
  8. Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Blister Set HB 0.5mm

    Derwent Precision Mechanical Pencil Blister Set HB 0.5mm

    RRP £7.99
    SAA Price £7.19

    The versatility of Derwent's first mechanical pencil will make it essential for any artist. 
    Ideal for sketching and technical drawing the Precision pencil feature a full metal body perfect for maintaining grip and balance, a slim barrel with built in eraser plus retractable thin lead sleeve.

    Comes with HB graphite leads that have a strong point for extended use and minimal breaking. Ideal for fine detail and cross hatching.

    Refill leads in HB and 2B hardness, as well as erasers are available separately. Learn More
  9. Derwent Carry All Bag

    Derwent Carry All Bag

    RRP £28.00
    SAA Price £25.20

    The stylish canvas Carry-all is the ultimate pencil storage solution for up to 132 pencils. It has ample storage for accessories, and even has space for an A5 sketchbook!

    The Derwent Carry-all features 3 easy-access pencil storage leaves, a mesh pocket for accessories, a sketchbook strap, a handy external pocket and a removable shoulder strap.

    Depth: 325mm
    Width: 250mm
    Height: 45mm Learn More
  10. Derwent Inktense Pencils - Tin of 12 (700928)

    Derwent Inktense Pencils - Tin of 12 (700928)

    RRP £25.00
    SAA Price £22.50

    These pure, vibrant colour pencils combine the intensity of pen and ink with the versatility of line and wash. Use dry to create strong, vivid tones then apply a light water wash to achieve a translucent, ink-like effect. Once dry, the colour will not wash out and can be worked over again with both soluble and non-soluble media. The possibilities are endless, the results stunning.

    Colours include:

    Sun Yellow, Tangerine, Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue, Teal Green, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Baked Earth, Bark and Ink Black

    Violet, Bright Blue, Field Green (Sun Yellow, Poppy Red, Ink Black) Learn More
  11. Derwent Pastel Pencil Skintones Set of 12

    Derwent Pastel Pencil Skintones Set of 12

    RRP £23.89
    SAA Price £21.50

    This Skintones Set of 12 colours have been carefully selected by Carole Massey to help you achieve a wide range of skintones and textures for drawing people of different nationalities.

    Colours include:
    Vanilla - P010
    Process Yellow - PO30
    Cadmium Red - P130
    Crimson - P160
    Ultramarine - P290
    Kingfisher Blue - P380
    Yellow Ochre - P580
    Chocolate - P590
    Burnt Carmine - P610
    Terracotta - P640
    Carbon Black - P710
    Titanium White - P720 Learn More
  12. Derwent Inktense Block Tin of 12

    Derwent Inktense Block Tin of 12

    RRP £26.29
    SAA Price £23.66

    Discover a new world of colour with this fantastic tin of 12 Inktense Blocks.

    These blocks can be used on their side to cover large areas, or with the corners for more detailed work. They can also be used like pans with a paintbrush or dissolved in water to create ink-like pigments.

    This set is a great introduction to this versatile range.

    Colours featured include:

    020 Sun Yellow
    030 Tangerine
    040 Poppy Red
    070 Fuschia
    110 Deep Indigo
    120 Sea Blue
    130 Teal Green
    140 Apple Green
    160 Leaf Green
    180 Baked Earth
    200 Bark
    220 Ink Black Learn More

All Derwent (87 products)

You've viewed 12 of 87 products
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