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Enjoy Great Savings Across Winsor & Newton

From Watercolour to cotton canvas and brushes; there's no better time to pop up on your favourite Winsor & Newton art materials.
  • Watercolour Wooden Travel Box
    Filled with 12 x 5ml tubes of Artists' Watercolour plus accessories, the Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolour 12 Tube Bamboo Box.
  • Professional Watercolour Sets
    Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour sets come complete with mixing palette on the side and brush. Choose from a set of 24 half pans or set of 12 tubes.
  • Cotman watercolour - Loose
    This range of 40 colours is made to a high standard but costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some of the more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives.

Professional Watercolours Discover Winsor & Newton

Watch professional Watercolour artist Ingrid Sanchez as she showcases her artistic process as she paints a beautiful sunflower scene using Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour paints.

Ingrid skillfully saturates her brushes with vibrant pigments and generous amounts of watercolour to breathe life into every individual petal of the sunflowers, bringing them to vivid and captivating existence on the watercolour paper.

  • Designers Gouache Set of 10
    Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache is accepted today as the finest quality available, with a wide colour spectrum catering for both designers and fine artists. Save 40% on this great set today!
  • Watercolour Mediums
    Add effects to your watercolours, mask areas to preserve the original underlaying colour or alter the colour characteristics by adding mediums and additives.
  • Classic Cotton Canvas
    Primed for perfect coverage on a medium textured 350gsm surface, these classic cotton canvases are an artists’ essential for unleashing your creativity.
  • Professional Cotton Canvas
    This Winsor & Newton Professional canvas includes their unique pro-stretcher for ultimate control over the surface tension.
  • Galeria Acrylic - Loose
    Extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of techniques, Galeria is carefully formulated to produce 60 strong and vibrant colours.
  • Artists' Oils - Loose
    Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Colour has a reputation for supreme quality due to the careful selection of the very finest pigments.
  • Griffin Alkyd Oils - Loose
    Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oils offer the distinct advantage of drying much faster than traditional oil colours.
  • Artists' Oils Sets
    Discover the superb handling, purity, quality, and reliability of Winsor & Newton Artists' Oils with these handy sets.
  • Artisan Mediums
    Create unique effects with this excellent selection of Artisan oil mediums.