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Paint Republic

Giving people of all abilities the chance to get creative and express themselves in a non-judgemental, relaxed and fun environment.

Join the revolution

The Paint Republic has been around for nearly 7 years now. We started as predominantly public events, encouraging people to unleash their creativity in a relaxed and fun environment, creating masterpieces they never knew they had in them!

We know that creating art helps to reduce anxiety and has the power to help the brain to switch off. Creativity uses a separate side of the brain cognitive psychology. Activities that allow you to change your decision making processes. Innovation flourishes when we realise our potential

All you need to start painting Paint Republic Starter Kit!

Whether you’ve never painted before or just fancy trying something new, now is your chance to discover how to wield a paintbrush and have a lot of fun!

The SAA are proud to support the team at The Paint Republic – simply follow the link below to order the exclusive Paint Republic painting set, which includes 12 beautiful acrylic colours, 3 brushes and a canvas.

It’s everything you need to unleash your creativity at home!

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