Ocaldo Block Printing Watercolour 300ml 045 Yellow Ochre (Tube) (Please Note: Mainland UK Delivery Only)

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Ocaldo Block Printing Water Colours provides an ideal range of inks for simple lino, potato and stick printing techniques. The colours are designed to give maximum working time with excellent transfer properties. Available 300ml individual colours.
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How can "ocaldo" block printing watercolours be transferred or made permanent ?


  • Posted by Customer Service on Friday, 2 February 2018

    Dear Rajnesh,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Ocaldo Block Printing Ink is an opaque water-based printing ink designed to offer the maximum working time with excellent transfer properties. As this is a water based product clean-up is easy. It is lead of printing especially from lino blocks.

    To use the ink in Lino block printing or other relief pattern printing techniques:

    Firstly apply a small amount of colour to a flat, washable surface and roll the ink in all directions to achieve an even spread.

    Then roll the ink onto the lino / relief block ensuring a thin distribution over the whole block.

    Place a sheet of self-absorbent paper upon the inked area and press firmly to obtain the transfer. You ca use a wide variety of objects to produce a print, such as buttons, coins, seed heads , wood grain, etc.

    To make permanent you can add a medium:

    Ocaldo Ocavin Medium is suitable for modelling, glazing & varnishing. It can also be used as an art medium, mixing with paint and as a strong adhesive on porous materials.

    Mix with paints to create texture, can be used as a fabric stiffener, or a decoupage glue.

    Use Ocavin to seal acrylic paintings as it dries to a clear, flexible finish.

    Kind regards

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