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IWM 2018 Archive Page

Go back in time to International Watercolour Masters 2018 and watch previous live streams of some expert watercolour artists that were featured.

Demo 2018 Alvaro Castagnet

Go back in time and watch Alvaro Castagnet's live demo from 2018 where he paints 'Milan' in watercolour. He'll teach you the value of colour in the perfect background wash to start off a detailed street scene painting.

Demo 2018 Mark Mehaffey

Take a blast from the past watch Mark Mehaffey's live demo from 2018 where he teaches you that there are more methods to saving the whites in your paintings than masking fluid or negative painting.

Demo 2018 Pasqualino Fracasso

Watch Pasqualino Fracasso's live demo from 2018 capture the crispy cold landscape of some snowy mountains.

Demo 2018 Janine Gallizia

Janine Gallizia's live demo from 2018 will tell you why you should go with the flow of your watercolour paint instead of trying to push it to where you want to go on the page.

Demo 2018 Ali Abbas Syed

Ali Abbas Syed's live demo from 2018 will teach you how to capture all the vibrant colours of this lady carrying her child and build up the colours, layer by layer.

Demo 2018 Marvin Chew

Unlock the potential of story telling in Marvin Chew's live demo from 2018 where he paints some bobbing boats in an impressionistic style in watercolour.

Demo 2018 John Salminen

Take a look back at John Salminen's live demo from 2018 where he paints a stunning house in watercolour.


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