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International Watercolour Masters – Timetable

A celebration of master artists and inspirational watercolour at its best!

time table

 In May 2021, enjoy a fantastic range of demonstrations and lectures broadcast LIVE!

Final confirmation of demonstrating artists will be updated here, so watch this space for more
exciting additions!

Tue 4th May

  • Pasqualino Fracasso 12:30apm
  • Laurie Goldstein-Warren 2pm

Wed 5th May

  • Joe Dowden 11am
  • Patricia Gusman 12:30pm
  • Linda Baker 2pm

Thur 6th May

  • Igor Sava 11am 
  • Janine Gallizia 12:30pm
  • Ekaterina Sava 2pm

Fri 7th May

  • Tejo Van den Broeck 11am LECTURE
  • Janine Gallizia 12:30pm
  • Michal Jasiewica 2pm

Sat 8th May

  • Julio Jorge 11am LECTURE
  • Keiko Tanabe 12:30pm
  • Fabio Cembranelli 2pm

Sun 9th May

  • Pablo Ruben Lopez Sans 11am 
  • Helidon Halti 12:30pm
  • Mikhail Starchenko 2pm LECTURE

Mon 10th May

  • Matthew Bird 11am LECTURE
  • Jansen Chow  12:30pm

Tue 11th May

  • Julia Barminova 11am
  • Konstantine Sterkhov 12:30pm
  • Alvaro Castagnet 2pm

Wed 12th May

  • Lana Privitera 11am
  • Janine Gallizia 12:30pm
  • Ali Abbas Syedd 2pm

Thur 13th May

  • La Fe 11am
  • Xi Guo 12:30pm
  • Mat Barber Kennedy 2pm

Fri 14th May

  • Eudes Correia 11am
  • Marvin Chew 12:30pm
  • David Poxon 2pm

with David Poxon

If you are looking for some inspiration of how to use watercolours in a new and vibrant way, then this is a book worth investigating with all your heart and soul.