Sue Cartwright, a SAA PA discusses her visit to the SAA where we shot a webclip

On Thursday 6th December I was invited over to the SAA at Newark to a web shoot. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. I arrived around 10.15am where I was introduced to Elizabeth and Richard who work for the SAA. Also there were 4 other artists like myself, all of us to do a web shoot on different painting techniques.

We all went to the film studio where we had to introduce ourselves and then watch how we did on camera. Really good learning curve as I spoke too quickly and when they say the camera puts pounds on you, boy are they right ! So we were all given some advice for the next shoot.

So moving on we then had our final shoot. Again we had to introduce ourselves and then went straight into the painting demonstration.

I choose to put the final touches to a monochrome watercolor painting in Nordic Blue taken from Morfa Nefyn, North Wales.

I painted the fence in with paper, used a rigger for the wire and finished the painting by putting the grasses in the foreground.

It has certainly made me aware that it is not easy standing in front of a camera especially when the nerves kick in and your hands start shaking, and you need a drink because your mouth suddenly becomes dry!!!!!

But, I would love to do it again though, what an experience. The camera crew were very friendly and helpful.

Lunch, the opportunity to try new art materials, and then a tour round the warehouse where all the art materials are stored for purchase finished the day the day off nicely.

Then it was a 3 hour drive home over the Pennines where it was snowing and back to normality, chill time!

Sue's professional SAA webpage

Sue's webclip

Be inspired...

Click to watch a short overview designed to showcase a snapshot of Sue's individual style and techniques in action.

If you are a fellow Professional Associate with the SAA and have been inspired by Sue's web clip, please contact Elizabeth Moore on 01636 643537 ([email protected]) to find out more about filming one yourself.

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