Give your trees more body & texture

with Hashim Akib and System 3 Acrylics…



Hashim Akib demonstrates how Daler Rowney’s Original System 3 Acrylics can be mixed with their popular Heavy Body range to paint simple, stunning trees.

System 3 Original has a creamy consistency which can be diluted or used straight from the tube. It’s ideal for smooth and even coverage over large areas. Watered down, Original gives vibrant translucent colour that dries quickly and is ideal for watercolour techniques. The range also includes metallic and fluorescent colours – so bright that sunglasses will prove a vital accessory!

Heavy Body allows for greater creativity and self expression with gutsy textural and impasto effects. The paint has a buttery consistency which retains brush marks and holds its shape. Painting rough seas, mountain ranges, or even portraits becomes an exercise in sculpting. For a student grade paint there is nothing like this on the market.

The two ranges have distinctive qualities but are fully inter-mixable - allowing for unlimited possibilities.


1 For this tree study I started with Original Cerulean Blue and Hooker’s Green mixed with white for the base. I always paint on canvas as acrylic glides nicely over the primed surface but most surfaces will do as long as they haven’t been varnished. You can use watercolour paper but spread some thin white acrylic over the paper to seal it. It is a good idea to start with a maximum of five brushes and over the course of the painting work your way down to the smallest.

Large dragging brush strokes of Heavy Body Hooker’s Green, Viridian and Lemon Yellow establishes the leaves, while similar colours with Burnt Sienna create the trunk. Always utilise the base colour by leaving gaps as this unifies the painting.

Colours can vary in intensity between manufacturers and the System 3 ranges are substantial, with strong vibrancy. My preference is always to use more dominant colours as they can be toned down, especially as acrylic can dull down slightly when dry.


2 When painting trees I’d rather paint the area around the leaves as this tends to convey more interesting shapes. Planting individual leaves on top of a sky always looks contrived.


3 Smaller blocky shapes are carved out for the branches and for definition on the trunk. I used refined lines to draw out some details and used the combinations of colours I used at the initial stage, mixed with white, to create subtle shades. Finally, I added a touch of Original splatter to the base of the tree.

Both System 3 Original and Heavy Body acrylics offer a comprehensive range of colours, brilliant light fastness, superior quality and all at an economical price. If you are just starting out with acrylics or have been painting for a while the System 3 ranges won’t disappoint and are well worth the investment.

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Tree Study Materials

System 3 Original:
• Cerulean Blue
• Hooker’s Green
• White

Heavy Body:
• Hooker’s Green
• Viridian
• Lemon Yellow
• Burnt Sienna

• Primed canvas 91 x 91cm
• Brushes