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The redesigned SAA website!

We're proud to introduce the brand new SAA website!

Redesigned from the ground up to offer you the very best in user experience, our new-look site has been months in the making. Every aspect has had an overhaul; from the optimised SAA Home Shop to the inspirational PAINT Newsletter pages!

Of course every member can still take advantage of our great members-only offers and membership benefits. The new SAA forum is a great place to meet new artists and find the answers to any art questions you may have. We've also got a whole host of features that will be added as the site grows and expands, including a facility to help you meet fellow artists in your area!

With the new SAA website, finding inspiration, encouragement and fantastic value has never been so easy! Click here to see the new site right now, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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