The 5th October 2011 turned out to be a very exciting day for 16 art enthusiasts as they put their brushes to paper here at the SAA Headquarters. Geoff Kersey took our members on an inspiring expedition through paint selection, colour mixing, brush strokes and his own personal guidance on watercolour techniques. By the end of the day everybody’s blank piece of paper had been turned into a beautiful autumnal scene!

In kind emails the following day members wrote ‘I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. I am now more confident to try more watercolour painting!! I hope to be uploading my next watercolour to the web site soon….’ And ‘It was a fantastic experience. Geoff never stopped painting and still managed to give everyone personal tuition. If you can get to one of his workshops it is well worth going. Thanks to the SAA for arranging this opportunity.’ Not only did Geoff inform, encourage and inspire our painters to indulge in this painting experience but he has instilled the confidence in them to display their work on our website for everybody to see!

The SAA are always striving to make the experience go even further so we decided to offer the participants a tour of our Headquarters. They were able to get a first hand experience of where the catalogues are produced, the calls are taken and they even received a tour of the warehouse as the team were packing the parcels before making their journey to our customers. Another member took the time to say, ‘Keep up the great work..... you have such a lovely team and everyone was so friendly it made a most pleasurable day.’

Not only did the day consist of five competition winners, nine members and two none members, we even had an ex SAA member of staff participating in the event. It just goes to show that it is a truly unique society that welcomes everybody to take part in such a fantastic event!

Below are some of the pictures taken from the day and we will be sure to tell everybody about anymore workshops we hold in the future.

Happy Painting!

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