SAA Professional Artist Ann Corless was honoured by the AFC as conservation artist for the month of December.

Anne shares
“In my work as a visual artist I find I am continuously inspired to create artwork of the natural world. My influences have come from my ‘life of travel’ in my youth, living in parts of Africa that at the time were relatively safe for wildlife, before the real onset of poaching. I hope that by creating images of the natural world I may remind people of the importance of protecting it…..for all our sakes.”

" I am so, so honoured by the news of this award. It was a dream come true to be invited to join Artists for Conservation so you can imagine how I feel being honoured as the recipient of the ‘AFC Conservation artist for the month of December 2013’. I am humbled by the superbly talented artists in AFC and the work they all do for wildlife conservation and I am full of admiration for this wonderful organisation."


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About the AFC Conservation Award:
The AFC Conservation Artist Award is awarded monthly to honour a member for outstanding artistic talent and extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause. At the end of each year, a prior recipient of the monthly honour is selected for the annual Simon Combes Conservation Award.

The Simon Combes Conservation Award was created by the AFC in February 2005 to honour Combes' memory. Combes, world-renowned painter, author, instructor and dedicated conservationist, was tragically killed by a charging Cape Buffalo while hiking near his home in Kenya on December 12, 2004. At the time, Combes was the Director of the Kenya chapter of the Rhino Rescue Trust (, an organization founded in 1985 to protect endangered species from poachers and to help the communities surrounding Lake Nakuru National Park affected by wildlife conflicts.