Rosemary Hale, one of the SAA PA.s tells us a heart warming story about Diane, one of her painting group members.

Diane has Multiple Sclerosis and is going through a relapse at present, resulting in a deterioration in her vision and muscle power/co-ordination.

However, her indomitable spirit challenges every hurdle MS throws at her and her determination and willpower sees her through each time.

dpUnfortunately the latest relapse has been severe - she was feeling very low and even wondering if painting was beyond her. And then a miracle of sorts happened... She unexpectedly received in the mail a present from the SAA. Vic Bearcroft's Dvd, a pad of velour paper and some pastels - given, I believe in thanks for introducing a new member to the SAA. She set to and gave this a go - a new media for her, by the way. As you can see in the photograph attached, she achieved an immediate result and produced a couple of excellent cat paintings with Vic's expert guidance.

That was great - but even more importantly, this wonderful gesture from the SAA lifted her spirits sky-high and she came to class the following week much more like her "old self", making us all laugh by promising to take over the group and teach them her new found expertise! I might need to look for a different job! So thank you.

I firmly believe that to so many people painting has numerous benefits which go far beyond the physical practicalities of making pictures...and to witness such a positive example of this in my class was very special indeed.