PA Betty Norton discusses her visit to the SAA, where she recorded her very own video webclip.

Studio! This was it! We went in and were greeted by Gary and Ed, who explained exactly what was expected of us.

The studio was set up for “right handers”, two of us, while Ann, the third PA who was left handed, was asked ...

“Did she mind going last?”

I actually volunteered to go first! (To get it over and done with)!

Talking about myself is just not my scene! Luckily this first take was a rehearsal, because after about 3 sentences I dried up!

We watched this rehearsal, and this was when I realised that I must not try to remember the “oh so carefully” prepared planned words. I must just speak naturally and from the heart.

When the time came for the real thing, it was decided to abandon the prepared stages of the painting, and I was to paint it in real time, approximately 10 minutes. Well in for a penny in for a pound as they say and I went for it.

Once I started to paint it was a really enjoyable experience. I would have loved to have a little longer so that I could have completed the painting with a little more detail, like adding some sheep and generally tidying up (without fiddling of course!). But never mind!

After lunch, and another chat with the team, I left with a final thanks to all concerned, for a most enjoyable day.


Fame at last!

Look out Oscars, here I come! HA HA HA

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