Pick up a paint brush ready for 'The Big Painting Challenge'!

Una Stubbs, Richard Bacon and esteemed artists Daphne Todd OBE and Lachlan Goudie lead nationwide search for Britain's best amateur painter in new primetime BBC One series

At The SAA, we are very excited to see that the BBC are launching their new TV programme in the coming months, showing what a rich and rewarding experience the making of art can be.

Of course we know this and for the past 22 years we've been working with amateur artists across the UK encouraging them to take the leap into the exciting creative world of art!

Airing in spring 2015, the exciting six-part series, currently being called 'The Big Painting Challenge' proves you don’t need to be world-famous to create fantastic paintings. From almost 6,000 entries received, 10 passionate finalists have been selected to put their talents to the test with a series of art challenges designed to push their artistic skills to the limit.

Mark Bell, BBC Head of Arts Commissioning, says: “This series will go to show that not only should art be for everyone, but it can even be by you and me. The BBC makes fantastic programmes about the context and history of art; what’s particularly exciting about this new series is that it will show what a rich and rewarding experience the making of art can be – and hopefully it might even inspire people to pick up a brush themselves.


So what can WE do?

Painting is relaxing, fun and uplifting… in short, it’s good for you… So why not share your creative hobby with another?

In our ‘Buddy a beginner’ campaign we are suggesting that those who know how rewarding art can be, spend an afternoon - or even a couple of hours - with a friend, relative or neighbour to share their creative hobby…


Then share your story of inspiration with us and you’ll be in with the chance of winning an artistic goody bag for you and your adoptee.

Simply email your name, address and membership number along with the name and address of your adoptee with your story of inspiration to [email protected]