New Pink Masking Fluid from the SAA 

Grab a bottle, give a little, make a big difference

and go pink with the SAA!

sharon hurst

I sit here with a bottle of pink masking fluid in my hand and think about it… I wonder if the SAA had any idea what it represents to me when they put it in the post?

This little pink bottle of pink masking fluid is my past and my future…

The intention is to raise money for breast cancer with sales and before it goes into the market place, I have been asked to try it out and test it. I had the idea of painting a beautiful woman holding the iconic ribbon next to her chest. So I drew her out and left her to sit on the drawing board.

Later on in the day when I walked back into the room and saw it there, looked hard at it to make sure that I had the composition the way I wanted it, this simple little drawing rocked my world and before I knew it I was bawling like a baby. There she was, perfect and beautiful, her gorgeous décolletage boasting everything that I myself no longer had. My life blown to a thousand bits and horrendous pieces just over 10 years ago...

sharon hurst

Painting her has just been another chapter in this journey that I still seem to be travelling. (I thought that I had perhaps completed it. Obviously not!)

I have spent the intervening years using my art as therapy. Then when I was able, I knew I had to get people to paint! I just knew that this awful thing had a reason and I needed to use it and turn it into something good helping people to reach their own potentials and not be afraid to try. The SAA have been brilliant helping me to reach a larger audience.  I am so very grateful.

So, you see, this little picture brings it all around again, back to the beginning...

My chance to say thank-you...

Thank you for the second chance at life...

Thank you for the wonderful paintings that helped me escape.

Thank you to the people who believed in me and helped me to reach out to you…

Thank you to the SAA for all their continued support…

So… as she stands there looking at her ribbon, she may be thinking, “Thank goodness it’s not me” or “This represents what happened to me.” I feel that it is the latter and for that reason I have called the painting “Survivor”.

This painting is for all those women who have been or may be affected by this terrible thing that is breast cancer. It represents courage and faith, the love of your friends who are so incredible when the chips are down. It is your hope, all the things you hoped that you would do and the things that you WILL do!

It is YOU! Each and every one of us, Sisters all united looking for a better future.

With one in eight women will get breast cancer - it’s the most common cancer in the UK and its devastating effects touch thousands of us every day. Breast Cancer Care is the only UK wide charity providing much needed emotional and practical support to anyone affected.

I urge you to try the NEW Frisk Pink masking fluid - go grab a bottle, give a little, make a big difference and go pink with the SAA!

Your support can really help make a difference.

Link to Product Code: SAAPMS