This year’s arty questions are all colour themed, but we’ve avoided the traditional red, white and gold – instead we’re doing an ‘Elvis’, and inviting you to join us for a Blue Christmas!

We hope you have fun doing the quiz. Answers will appear in the January issue of Paint, but if you can’t wait until then (for instance, if you’re using the quiz at a Christmas party) email us at [email protected] or visit

1 Who painted these colour-themed works?

a The Blue Row Boat (1887)
b The Blue Boy (1770)
c The Virgin of the Blue Veil (1827)
d Blue Painting (1924)

2 Feeling blue!
Correctly match the names with the four shades below:

a Ultramarine
b Phthalo Blue
c Prussian Blue
d Cobalt Blue

3 What’s in a name?

a Which colour was originally called Berlin Blue, as this is where the synthetic pigment was accidentally discovered in 1704?
b Which blue gains its name from the Latin for dark blue?
c Which blue derives from the French name for a semi-precious stone, first brought to Europe from mines in a historical province of Persia?
d Which pricely pigment derives its name from the fact that it comes from overseas?

4 Work out the blues…
Untangle the SAA Artists’ Watercolours hidden below:

a include rob
b politburo chap at hell
c cube ballot
d beau clone

We hope you enjoy answering the questions. We will publish the answers in the January issue of Paint. If you'd like to have them early - for instance if you're using the quiz at a Christmas party - email us at [email protected] or

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1 Who painted these colour-themed works?
a Claude Monet
b Gainsborough
c Ingres
d Vasily Kandinsky

2 Label the Colours?
a Ultramarine - 4
b Phthalo Blue - 1
c Prussian Blue - 2
d Cobalt Blue - 3

3 What’s in a Name?
a Prussian
b Cerulean (from ‘Caeruleus’)
c Turquoise (from ‘turques’)
d Ultramarine (which arrived in Venice on Arab boats during the Renaissance, and was named the pigment from overseas ‘ultra marine’)

4 Untangle the blue anagrams
a Nordic Blue
b Tropical Phthalo Blue
c Cobalt Blue
d Ocean Blue

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