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As you may have heard, the ten artists from BBC One’s Big Painting Challenge have reunited for a special exhibition at Lauderdale House in London.  The exhibition called ‘The Bigger Picture’ runs from the 15th – 26th April and is being supported by the SAA, Society for All Artists.

SAA members Jan, Melvyn and Alison were contestants on the show, and we were lucky enough to catch up with them for a quick chat available for you to view below:

Alison Stafford takes a ‘now or never’ attitude to becoming a fully-fledged artist. She loves using bright colours - finding the use of watercolours far too bleak for her liking – and always carries a tube of magenta acrylic with her. See more from here below.



Melvyn Flint is bursting with energy and enthusiasm for his love of art. His true desire is to become more loose with his art - a goal which he aims to continue working on for many years to come. See more from here below.



Jan Szymczuk loves nothing more than spending most of the day painting in his art studio, a converted garage.  He firmly believes that you don’t need a degree to be an artist, only self-taught talent and a bit of determination.  See more from here below.



Both Jan and Melvyn will be special guests at this years ‘All about Art’ event hosted by the SAA.  This will give you the best opportunity to meet these inspirational members and learn more from them, with plenty of opportunity to ask them any of your burning art questions!


For more information about our 'All about Art' event, please go to: