This week our friend Anne Corless will be giving out taster sessions (24th & 25th June) and offering tuition workshop (26th June) down at the Pencil Museum in Cumbria...

Anne Corless writes; "I am delighted to be returning to the Pencil Museum to give free demonstrations and to run a one day art workshop on 'Animals in the wild in watercolour media'.  I have some wonderful animal photographs and images for use as reference which anyone attending the one hour 'taster sessions' and the one day 'art workshop' can work from.  One of my favourite charities; the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ( have very kindly supplied some photographs of their little elephant orphans in Kenya and I also have my own images of birds of prey and other animals for us to use.  Lots to be learnt and lots of fun to be had!"

About Anne Corless:
Anne Corless works in the Creative Arts as an Artist, Medical Illustrator and Writer.  As a fine artist she works with different media and is equally happy to work on a small delicate watercolour as she is to tackle a large five foot wide oil painting!  British born Anne says the inspiration for her artwork comes from a ‘life of travel’, having been brought up in Nigeria, Australia and Kenya (11 years) and worked as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in Saudi Arabia and South Africa.  Back in the UK, when her youngest child started school Anne followed a long held dream and made a career change.  She returned to her studies, gaining an Honours Degree in Design, specializing in Natural History and Scientific Illustration, before going on to qualify as a Medical Artist.  Anne says: “My work as a medical / veterinary artist helps inform my work as a Fine Artist as it requires a thorough understanding of human anatomy with good observational drawing skills and the ability to work in different media.  My interest in comparative anatomy also enables me to create artwork of animals that is both dynamic and accurate…and helps me understand what I am looking at!

With a strong belief that it is important to be part of professional organisations, Anne is honoured to belong to the following.  Anne is Chair of the Fine Art Committee and North West Branch Master of the Fine Art Trade Guild.  She is honoured to be a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation and was honoured to be AFC’s ‘Artist of the month’ in December 2013:

Anne is a Founder Member, former Chair for four years and Honorary Life Member of the Association of Animal Artists.  She is a member of the Association of Illustrators (UK), Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques, the Medical Artists Association (UK), the Association of Medical Illustrators (USA) and the Writers Guild of Great Britain as well as being a member of the Portrait Society of America and the Cecelia Beaux Forum.  She is a Professional Associate Member of the Society For All Artists

For more information see the Pencil Museum events page or call 01768 773626