NEW SAA Practice Paper: What the Artists say

At the SAA, we are constantly researching and developing our products around our members needs, and where practice paper is concerned, having an affordable and quality paper is essential for making your work the best it can be.  Before we release any new product our panel of professional artists are provided with samples for rigorous testing to ensure it's up to the high standards the SAA are renowned for.  Below are just a few comments that these professional artists have made, we hope you like our NEW SAA practice paper as much as they do.


“I found the end results quite pleasing…When I work I do a lot of “lifting off”, and I found that I could easily do that. I use a LOT of water, and it stayed nice and flat and didn’t cockle ….the paint, when applied retains it’s vibrancy and colour well.”

Betty Norton, SAA Professional Artist


“I LOVE the new practice paper! How soon can I get some? It’s worlds better …”

Jeremy Ford, SAA Professional Artist


”I thought I would share these with you as I was quite pleased with how the paper held up to all the water.”

Judith Farnworth, SAA Professional Artist

Peach Poppies on new SAA practice paper

"I was recently sent some samples of the SAA’s very popular watercolour ‘practice paper’ to try. The SAA have upgraded and improved their previous product and I was given the opportunity to try it out for myself. This is a product that I have been familiar with for many years, very economical and good quality, I recommend it to all my beginner students. When you are starting out the last thing you want to worry about is ruining an expensive sheet of hand made paper! I also use this paper in my demonstration workshops and put little squares of it out in all my classes for students to try their colours on."

Michele Webber, SAA Professional Artist

The Bat Earring

"It is a nice slippery paper and a wash flows across with no trouble at all. When I tried to lay a stripe of colour and blend one edge, it just worked like a dream. I would be very happy to recommend this in future."

Sharon Hurst, Fantasy Artist and SAA Professional Artist

testpaper watercolourbikesred

"It took the lighter washes very well, and I obtained lovely dry brush marks. for the price of the practice paper it worked really well."

"Marilyn Allis, SAA Professional Artist"