This eagerly awaited book by award winning SAA member Jean Haines will leave you spellbound from the first page.

There is no doubt that Jean Haines is a totally accomplished artist; her free and expressive style oozes impact and thought provoking imagery.

Jean herself credits Morelle.  It is not an underestimation to say that Jean more than expands upon the foundations laid down by Jean Louis Morelle - adding a strong yet feminine layer of vivid, colourful abstraction.  This book is a joyful exultation of wet-in-wet watercolour painting technique.

If you enjoy truly interpretive wet-in-wet painting, this book is for you.  Jean’s friendly and open style of writing really lets you inside the mind of the artist.

Her step by step demonstrations will show you how she produces such stunning and vivid sensual art.

With a simple yet detailed explanation of techniques such as negative panting, controlling water flow, colour washes and working with wet edges Jean will show you how she creates her sensual thought provoking artworks.

It is fair to say that Jean’s approach to painting watercolour is unusually abstract, often isolating subjects. The use of very strong colours and vivid imagery abound.

What makes this an outstanding book is that Jean carefully explains the methods in a way that will leave you itching to get your brushes out.

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