THE COMFORT ZONE - Sue Ellen Wilder

What is your comfort zone and what does it mean? What  is your usual painting routine?

Do you always work with the same materials, methods  or in the same manner? Doing what you always did will get more of what you  always got!

Anemone soft

Draw a circle and stay inside that
“knowing” comfort-able place that you are used to = The Comfort Zone. However, if you would like to expand a bit, you might just edge a bit closer to the line…

Primula Obconica Best high res print

You  might even  put one toe in the water and gently see how that  line feels.  And if you are a real dare devil, you could just leap frog right over it!

So, what should we do when we get there? Well, why not try something different, or attempt something you have always wanted to do but didn’t think you could.

sue ptg studio 3 thumb

Perhaps you always wanted to try bolder colours,  larger paper, or lots of water.

A new medium or perhaps taking a course? New ideas or materials will require some foresight if you are doing something less habitual.  With careful planning, it can be rewarding.  What ideas do you have?  Well here is your chance!

sue teaching art class 4

Notice what works well and then do more of that.  Only you know what will bring you closer to the line, or, in fact, over it! So be brave. go for it  and watch out...

Who  knows what is waiting on the other side!
P.S. Don’t worry – it’s only a piece of paper.
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