The Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Celebrations in June 2015


Dr Matthew Smith, Curator of Egham Museum, is responsible for supervising the 800th Anniversary celebrations commemorating the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

Egham and Runnymede will be in focus as the Nation celebrates this important event.  As a result, Matthew commissioned The Runnymede Art Society to provide twenty-six paintings on canvas to be displayed throughout the month of June in the United Church in Egham High Street.  After June the paintings will be displayed in various other venues in Egham.

'We feel privileged to participate in these festivities, which are celebrated on a national level. For our society this will be a double celebration, as we are set to celebrate our 50th anniversary as a society that same month.' - Patsy Moore (Exhibition Co-Coordinator at Runnymede)

'As members of the SAA we can think of nothing better than to have some of these paintings displayed in their excellent Paint Magazine.' - Patsy Moore

Everyone will be made welcome to visit Runnymede's exhibition in June and we hope you find the paintings to your liking.