I wanted to share with you my recent adventure after seeing an article in Paint which really inspired me. Gregory Wellman's tuition article 'Fast and Loose' was amazing, i just loved everything about it and the end result had both depth and character. I have aspired to paint like this for a number of years and have never been brave enough. After seeing this article i felt that it was actually achievable and decided to give it a go but using a photo of a long horn cow taken in Derbyshire.

Whilst i fully accept that mine is nowhere near the standard of Gregory's I am actually quite pleased with the end result and have a sense of achievement of finally taking action.

I can see the mistakes in the painting but don't feel down hearted about it, I have learnt a lot and feel that i can move on secure in the knowledge that the next painting will be better. This inspired me further in posting a topic on the forum about getting started in abstract painting and after receiving some encouraging replies i have started my very first abstract.

So thank you for being there and providing the inspiration and resources which has enabled me to push the limits! I am hoping to enter the SAA Challange with my abstract so watch this space!

Kim Swan

Take part and be inspired

Look out for Gregory in the PA demonstration area at It's All About Art - in Bristol

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