There's only one word to sum up this year's event -


London was gradually waking up as the brushes twitched in their pots, just waiting to be swept across the page. The crisp white paper whispered in anticipation as the thousands of footsteps pitter-pattered into the hall. The paint squirmed and sang inside it's tubes, longing to be set free and splodged onto the canvases…

As the doors opened it was just moments until the workshops and demonstrations were packed to the rafters, and hundreds of keen enthusiasts were being guided by the awe-inspiring group of SAA Professional Artists.  From techniques never mastered before to the completion of wonderful completel artworks, there was inspiration flying and lots for everyone to do.


Pebeo was much admired as our guests discovered the amazing characteristics of such an imaginative medium. Brusho continued to be an absolute favourite with everyone, and the magical powder was sprinkled and sparkled to create some wonderful paintings. Sculpture canvases and blocks were a new discovery for us all and so there was much scraping, shaving and shaping as our artists tried it for themselves to bring to life many amazing 3D artworks.




Artist of the Year was celebrated and admired, as were the many paintings and drawing exhibited. The presence of acclaimed artist and TV judge, Lachlan Goudie caused a stir as he selected a piece which he felt was worthy of the esteemed award which borrowed his name.




137Pastels, pencils, pens, paper and paper was brought together that the show was such a hive of creativity, it almost burst through the doors and out onto the pavement.

There's only one word to sum up this year's event - brilli-art.


Here's what you said:

"It was a fantastic day - the SAA is terrific!" Clare Abrahamsen

"It was a thrill to be there and I really enjoyed it, fast paced but fun. Hopefully the people doing the workshops thought the same, I was impressed by the paintings that they all produced." Julia Tanner, SAA Professional Associate hosting a workshop on Saturday 25th July.

"What a fantastic day we had!" Lillian Brentnall

"Fabulous day at All About Art in London today. Enjoyed trying new media with Vic Bearcroft, David Hyde and Judith Farnworth" Avril Tuohy

"Enjoyed it so much, wish I could have stayed for a 2nd day too. Everyone was working very hard to make sure we all enjoyed it and picked up some tips and bargains along the way. Lovely meeting like minded people." Myrilla Kavanagh

"We just want to say a big, big thank you to everyone involved in setting up and running the All About Art event in London. This is the first time myself and my art buddy Lou have been to the event, we had a wonderful time!" Su Edwards

35 Trevor Osborne, SAA Professional Artists, demonstrates just how easy it is to get into pastels...
03 Visitors had a great time getting stuck into lots of different workshops in a whole host of different mediums.
127 A visitor gets some one-on-one product information from Derwent, one of the leading suppliers, invited to attend the event.


133 Guests had the chance to try the leading art materials in one-on-one demonstrations.
144 Happy painters showing off their work after 45 minutes tuition with Matthew Palmer, SAA Professional Artist.
109 There were gorillas galore with Vic Bearcroft's signature workshop in pastel on velour paper.
135 There are opportunities galore to see materials in action - and Brusho was no exception.


140 Generations of the same family were enjoying the variety of mediums on offer...