Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic Starter Set of 5 x 120ml

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A good introduction to Graduate Acrylics this set includes 5 x 120ml tubes of acrylic colour including:

White . Primary Yellow . Primary Red . Primary Blue . Black
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Posted by Sule, Thursday, 14 November 2019 on product Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic Starter Set of 5 x 120ml


Is this Artist quality paint or student quality ....what pigment level is it??


  • Posted by Anita Pounder on Thursday, 14 November 2019

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Acrylic paints come in a wide variety of colours and generally fall into two categories: Artists quality and Student quality, the difference being the vibrancy of colour, as Student paints contain less pure pigment in proportion to the filler. This is reflected in the price and intensity of the colours. But most student quality paints are of a very good quality.

     Daler Rowney system 3 With Original and Heavy Body versions, are classed by the supplier as student quality acrylic. Only high-quality pigments are used in the manufacture of the System 3 acrylic ranges, offering significantly greater loading than in other acrylic ranges available in this class. System 3’s comprehensive range of colours offers excellent light-fastness*, permanence, durability and covering power.

    Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylics are a value range or acrylics and the colours are of good pigment strength and flow easily across paper and primed surfaces.

    Daler Rowney Cryla are an Artist quality Heavy Bodied acrylic made from the purest pigments These have a unique heavy, buttery feel under the brush and knife is popular with artists wanting to achieve a wide variety of impasto effects.

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