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  1. Acrylic Paint Pouring Book with Tanja Jung

    Acrylic Paint Pouring Book with Tanja Jung

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    Paint pouring is the exciting new technique that’s been taking the art world by storm! Like all media, there are methods and processes to learn and this clear and simple book will introduce you to all the basics quickly and easily.

    Results are largely abstract, but you can make recognisable images appear as well as exploit happy accidents. Knowing what to do and what’s likely to happen are all part of the magic. You’ll pick up everything you need to know in 16 fully illustrated projects that exploit shape, colour and texture. This is an inspiring as well as instructional book that will really get the creative juices flowing.

    Search Press - Paperback - 112 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour with Mixed Media Book with Alison C. Board

    A Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour with Mixed Media Book with Alison C. Board

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    There are no mistakes in mixed-media artwork, and Alison encourages you to be unafraid and embrace the experimental!

    Adding other mediums to your watercolour paintings is a fantastic way to take your work in new, more exciting directions. This book and DVD set introduces the range of media that is available and will open your eyes to new and inspirational ways of creating.

    The book provides six step-by-step projects and finished paintings to encourage you to take a definitive leap into the exciting world of mixed media art, covering a multitude of topics including flowers, animal portraits, dancers in motion, cityscapes and landscapes.

    Alison explores how to combine wet and dry media, and how to create vibrant collages from man-made and natural found objects.

    The DVD focusses on the Lion’s Head Dandelion, combining all the skills and techniques Alison so beautifully demonstrates, culminating in a mixed media piece you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

    Search Press - Paperback - 144 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  3. The Kew Book of Painting Roses in Watercolour with Trevor Waugh

    The Kew Book of Painting Roses in Watercolour with Trevor Waugh

    RRP £14.99
    SAA Price £11.99

    Roses are one of the most popular flowers, both for gardeners and artists, and this is the definitive guide to painting them.

    Trevor is well known for his flower paintings and his interpretations capture not just the look of a bloom, but its character and essence. In this comprehensive but approachable volume, he demonstrates not just individual specimens, but arrangements and settings where colour, light and shade play as much a part as shape and structure.

    Trevor has plenty to say about mixing colours and applying paint and also working from photographs and existing artworks - handy sources of reference when living examples are not available. Initial exercises include stems, leaves and petals and there’s plenty to practise with as you build up to your first flower portrait.

    There are exercises throughout that, as well as varying the pace of the work also develop your skills with form, light and colourways. Each section concludes with a step-by-step project that brings everything together in a complete painting.

    This is an informative, but above all enjoyable look at the bright, fascinating and beautiful world of roses.

    Search Press . Paperback . 128 pages . Colour throughout Learn More
  4. Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Boats & Harbours in Watercolour with Charles Evans

    Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Boats & Harbours in Watercolour with Charles Evans

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    If you want to attempt the varied and frequently perplexing subject of boats and their environs, this is the clearest guide you could wish for.

    Charles covers not only the boats and harbours of the title, but also still, rippling and stormy seas, and inland waterways. Here you’ll find receding hills, towpaths, buildings, people and craft of every kind. The book is full of technical advice, all presented in Charles’ simple, no-nonsense way that cuts through jargon and tricky subjects. With thirty-three projects - each accompanied by a pre-drawn tracing - there’s plenty to get your teeth into and you’ll find yourself learning as you work.

    Each of the projects covers a separate topic. Some are more complex scenes, others deal with single elements such as ripples, shadows or foliage. In only a dozen or so steps (often fewer), you’ll find yourself completing a work that many books would only deal with in a whole chapter. Nothing is skimped, though, and there’s a solid basis to everything you’ll do.

    Search Press - Paperback - 128 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  5. Charles Evans' Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists

    Charles Evans' Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists

    RRP £8.99
    SAA Price £6.99

    Pocket Book for Watercolour Artists

    What could be better than having advice from your favourite artists whenever you want it? With these handy pocket-size guides, you can!

    Got a problem with skies, trees, reflections, washes, masking or virtually anything else? Let Charles show you quickly what to do. Each book contains over 100 ideas to solve problems and improve your painting.

    All the hints include a clear example illustration and a short paragraph explaining what to do.

    There’s no poring over a lengthy textbook or following detailed demonstrations, just a quick question and answer session that’ll have you back on the road in no time. Your creative flow will be uninterrupted!

    Trusted advice is always the best and you can rely on all these experienced artists to show you what they’d do in the same circumstances.

    You know how they work and it’s easy to get the feeling they know how you work too. They’ll be by your side whenever you need them.

    Contents includes:
    Creating Depth,
    Introducing Harmony,
    Light and Shade,
    Life in the Landscape,
    Mountains and Cliffs, Mood and Atmosphere
    And much more!

    *Previously issued as the Top Tips series in spiral-bound format Learn More
  6. Mixed Media Landscapes and Seascapes with Chris Forsey

    Mixed Media Landscapes and Seascapes with Chris Forsey

    RRP £19.99
    SAA Price £15.99

    Mixed media offers a wealth of opportunities for capturing shape and texture and Chris Forsey explores a wide variety of technical and creative approaches.

    He begins with an examination of material and methods, including painting surfaces, mark-making and the use of texture materials such as rollers and tissue paper. He also explains the way in which different media complement the main one of watercolour - wax crayon, oil pastels or acrylic inks. Chris also looks at the combination of acrylic paint and oil pastel.

    From here, a discussion of sketching materials and preparatory work develops so that the final image is a considered piece based on observation and notes. Chris also explains the use of colour to capture both weather and the seasons.

    Technical matters are covered in a series of demonstrations that include shorelines, river scenes and inland areas. Particularly useful are the explanations of how different media suit different subjects - the brightness of a flower-decked chalkland path captured with watersoluble and oil pastels, for instance.

    Further demonstrations include suggestions of how to capture a fleeting moment such as a breaking wave, how to render texture and the use of collage.

    This is a thorough and inspiring guide from a confident teacher.

    Batsford . Hardback . 128 pages . Colour throughout Learn More
  7. Watercolour for Absolute Beginners Book with Matthew Palmer

    Watercolour for Absolute Beginners Book with Matthew Palmer

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    Join popular, professional artist, Matthew Palmer, as he shares his simple tips for getting to grips with the basics of painting in watercolour.

    This set is perfect for beginner wanting to discover how to paint sensational landscapes in watercolour or those artists looking to brush up on their existing skills.

    Discover the secrets behind drawing understanding perspective, light & shade, colour and painting realistic skies, trees, water & figures.

    Matthews beautiful book is bursting with 128 pages of easy to follow advice and tricks - plus six, simple step-by-step exercises and six large scale projects- with 12 pull out tracings supplied, to help beginners discover how to paint 12 picturesque landscapes.

    Search Press - 128 Pages - Colour Throughout. Learn More
  8. The Watercolour Flower Painters A - Z with Adelene Fletcher Book

    The Watercolour Flower Painters A - Z with Adelene Fletcher Book

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £8.40

    If you want to paint realistic flowers that capture the spirit of your subject as well as its appearance, this is the perfect guide.

    Adelene offers straightforward instructions that cut through much of the mystique that surrounds flower painting. Each demonstration occupies a single spread and covers the palette, working sequence and a further examination of the detailed areas, covering 50 different popular flowers.

    The full-page illustrations of the finished results show you exactly what you are trying to achieve and the enlarged detail photographs ensure that you'll get the fine work right every time.

    A source of inspiration as well as a rich manual of techniques, a must-have for every flower painter.

    Search Press - Paperback - 130 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  9. Abstract Nature Book with Waltraud Nawratil

    Abstract Nature Book with Waltraud Nawratil

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £8.40

    If the idea of abstraction makes you feel nervous, think again.

    This straightforward and easy-to-follow guide starts by keeping one foot firmly rooted in reality - you'll never be in doubt about what you're looking at. The trick is to stretch the boundaries and create images that are as much about shapes and colours as they are about representation.

    Abstraction is a way of telling the viewer what you thought about a subject rather than simply reproducing it and leaving it up to them. Were those flowers especially bright, or those branches particularly torn by the wind? Distort the detail and you can say that, as well as emphasise the aspects that specifically caught your eye.

    A lot of books on abstraction go into the philosophy of the style and that's all very well, but you need the practical side as well and that's where this guide comes in. Each of the 22 projects occupies just a single spread and includes materials lists, breakout details and simple instructions that are easy to follow and reproduce.

    Get the hang of the basics and you'll be working on your own and with confidence before you know it.

    Search Press . Paperback . Colour Throughout . 112 pages. Learn More
  10. Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca

    Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    This thorough guide to the rewarding medium of pastel will teach you much more than just the basics and may be the only pastel book you’ll ever need!

    Beginning at the beginning, Rebecca looks at materials and supports as well as setting up a workspace and basic mark-making. She follows this with simple drawing lessons that guide you through a nicely progressive range of three-dimensional shapes, introducing shading, tone and colour. Further exercises exploit pastel’s unique qualities as both a drawing and a painting medium and provide insights into the possibilities offered. All these early lessons are quite short and you’ll never be discouraged by lengthy sessions that produce little - quick results always make you want to learn more.

    The real meat of the book, and its main virtue, is the sheer breadth of subjects that follows. As well as introducing new techniques in an eminently practical way, these cover landscapes, waterscapes, trees, skies, people and animals. Usefully, as well as being more than proficient at all of these, Rebecca is also at home with both fine detail and loose styles of working. As an introduction, this gives you the chance to explore the medium as widely as possible and also to decide on what you want to paint and how you want to work.

    Comprehensive and painstaking, this is a guide that’s rewarding and easy to follow. Learn More
  11. Painting Boats & Harbours in Watercolour Book with Terry Harrison

    Painting Boats & Harbours in Watercolour Book with Terry Harrison

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £9.99

    Boats can be tricky things to paint, but Terry will show you the ropes (literally) and have you painting marine subjects with confidence.

    This is a straightforward book that forms a nicely progressive course that starts from simple shapes and builds up from smaller craft to fully-rigged sailing ships.

    Terry is an excellent teacher and he knows just which steps to include and which to leave out so that his demonstrations are clear and uncluttered.

    He is able, for instance, to explain water-related colours comprehensively in just two pages and to deal with rigging and sails in another four.

    At no time will you feel either overwhelmed or left short of information.

    This is a book filled with hints, tips and demonstrations and will take you right through from the basics to large craft in sail on a rough sea or a populated harbour scene with several craft and onlookers. As you'd expect from Terry, it's the perfect guide.

    Search Press - Paperback - 128 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  12. Light and Shade in watercolour Book with Hazel Soan

    Light and Shade in watercolour Book with Hazel Soan

    RRP £19.99
    SAA Price £15.99

    Handling of light and shade is the key to successful painting. Get it wrong and your results will always appear flat, dull and uninteresting. Get it right and they will sparkle with life and atmosphere.

    Working with light can be a challenge. The right balance is hard to achieve and will vary depending on the subject and the circumstances.

    Hazel Soan is a reliable teacher and she won’t let you down here. Her patient explanations will help you to understand not just what to do, but how and why you need to do it. She starts by showing you how to see – that important step before you even think of picking up a brush. Only then does she show you how to use watercolour to create contrast, tone, shape and form.

    It’s here that her clear guidance is at its most reassuring. In this book and DVD set, Hazel will show you how to use composition to balance light and shade, consider ratios and use your best tool, the white of the paper.

    You’ll also see how to mix the right colours to create tonal values, look for patterns and create that elusive quality, atmosphere.

    Batsford - Hardback - 144 pages - Colour throughout Learn More

All Books (306 products)

You've viewed 12 of 306 products
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