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The SAA offers a wide range of inspirational and instructional art books from a host of your favourite artists.

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  1. Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca + Set of 12 SAA Artists’ Soft Pastels

    Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca + Set of 12 SAA Artists’ Soft Pastels

    SAA Price £23.00

    This set includes not only a fantastic set of SAA Artists, pastels, but Rebecca De Mendonca guide to this rewarding medium.

    Rebecca covers an enormous range of topics: basic mark-making, a nicely progressive range of three-dimensional shapes, shading, tone, colour etc; then further exercises exploit pastel’s unique qualities as both a drawing and a painting medium and provide insights into the possibilities offered. All these early lessons give quick results, always making you want to learn more.

    The real meat of the book, and its main virtue, is the sheer breadth of subjects. As well as introducing new techniques in an eminently practical way, these cover landscapes,
    waterscapes, trees, skies, people and animals.

    Rebecca is also at home with both fine detail and loose styles of working, giving you the chance to explore the medium as widely as possible.

    Take the stress out of choosing the right colours for your subject! Available in seven different sets, there is sure to cover your needs!

    Artists' Soft Pastels are manufactured using the finest pigments to produce a smooth working, velvet textured pastel. All colours blend readily with gentle rubbing and can be mixed to produce immediate hues. Suitable for application to soft drawing paper, board, wood, plaster and canvas. Drawings can be fixed with spray fixative or framed under glass to prevent smudging.

    This set includes 12 assorted colours:

    Alizarin Crimson (8)
    Burnt Sienna (5)
    Cadmium Yellow Pale (5)
    Dioxazine Violet (8)
    Orange (8)
    Permanent Green Deep (5)
    Phthalo Green (7)
    Prussian Blue (8)
    Smoke Grey (7)
    Yellow Ochre (9)

    Key to tint:
    (3) Full Shade with Black
    (5) Full Shade
    (7), (8), (9) Full shade with increasing amounts of white

    Every possible care is taken when packing these Artists' Quality pastels.
    However, due to their fragility, if a breakage should occur during transport, neither performance nor quality will be affected.

    Search Press - Paperback - 144 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  2. The Paint Pad Artist: Coastal Landscapes with Charles Evans + Daler Rowney Aquafine Intro Set 6 x 8ml

    The Paint Pad Artist: Coastal Landscapes with Charles Evans + Daler Rowney Aquafine Intro Set 6 x 8ml

    SAA Price £21.65

    This easy-to-follow guide contains all the instructions you’ll need to paint six stunning coastal scenes, and includes a stunning Daler-Rowney Aquaine set to get you started.

    Each project includes not only exercises in colour and composition, but also introduces a variety of techniques that will help you get perfect results when you start painting on your own. Charles is a popular and experienced teacher who’ll let you work at your own pace, but always be ready at your shoulder to offer advice and encouragement when you need it.

    These are simple compositions that allow you to develop your skills gradually, practising clouds, reflections, trees and skies as well as techniques such as scraping out, laying a wash, overpainting and working with different brushes.

    Daler Rowney Aquafine Intro Set 6 x 8ml

    Aquafine Watercolour made by Daler Rowney offer artists high performance colours at an economical price. Aquafine watercolours are produced to the same exacting standards as artists watercolours and gives rich coloured paintings. The whole range gives rich, transparent colour, with excellent tinting strength and working properties. All 37 colours can also be used to produce beautiful and delicate washes.

    Search Press - Hard back - 102 pages + 6 watercolour paper sheets - Colour throughout Learn More
  3. Drawing Birds with Andrew Forkner

    Drawing Birds with Andrew Forkner

    RRP £12.99
    SAA Price £8.40

    This comprehensive guide will show you not just how to draw birds but, more importantly, that you have the ability to do it!

    "I wish I could do that" is, as Andrew Forkner points out, the best starting place. He says the fact that you have the desire and motivation means that you also have the patience to develop the technical and observational skills you'll need to draw birds successfully.

    Andrew explains the materials you'll need, how to observe and how to find reference material. He'll also explain what to put down in a sketch and how to transfer this to a larger work. He covers form and structure, including details such as feathers, eyes, beaks and feet.

    The book then moves to a series of step-by-step projects covering water and land-based birds as well as falcons, owls and garden varieties. It also has a special section on capturing birds in flight as well as natural habitats.

    There is plenty here to keep you encouraged and informed and this is an excellent introductory guide.

    Search Press - Paperback - 96 Pages - Black & White illustrations Learn More
  4. SPECIAL OFFER: Brusho. . .and Beyond DVD, Brusho 12 x 15g Set and Spray Bottle

    SPECIAL OFFER: Brusho. . .and Beyond DVD, Brusho 12 x 15g Set and Spray Bottle

    SAA Price £29.00

    The complete tuition and materials set to get your started!

    Probably the most comprehensive title of its kind, Brusho. . . And Beyond takes you into the world of vibrant, loose and powerful colour, exploring just how to get the most from this
    creative medium.

    Starting by looking at the medium of Brusho, Alison explores the various ways to apply it, whether using wet-into-wet, wet into dry, using as a coloured wash or even the mediums
    designed to work with it. She then moves onto the main project where she uses Brusho along with her favourite watercolour materials.

    Making full use of masking fluid, texture paste, traditional watercolour paints and of course the dazzling Brusho powders, she brings a striking owl to life. The sense of adventure with this medium is there from the start, and Alison demonstrates there are no limitations to its
    potential, ensuring whatever you create will raise a smile.

    DVD: 60mins Learn More
  5. SPECIAL OFFER: Botanical Painting in Watercolour Book with Billy Showell +brush set

    SPECIAL OFFER: Botanical Painting in Watercolour Book with Billy Showell +brush set

    SAA Price £49.99

    This beautifully illustrated and gently progressive guide will help you produce flower paintings while Billy's Brushes will allow you to create pictures that are both realistic and detailed.

    Botanical painting can be a highly technical subject that requires dedication and years of study to learn. Here, Billy Showell takes you through the processes of painting specimens that will satisfy even the most demanding general viewer, but without the scientific jargon that often accompanies the subject.

    The secret is lots of step-by-step demonstrations, each with plenty of stages, as well as hints, tips and technical exercises. You'll be working with an enormous variety of different flower and plant types, each one chosen for the particular challenges it presents. In this way, your range and repertoire are developed at the same time. You'll also learn tricks for portraying water droplets and sheen texture; subtle details which make a painting sing.

    Botanical illustration is a subject that can seem daunting. Billy makes it manageable without trivialising it and, with her help, you'll be able to produce results you can be proud of. Her previous books have been understandably popular, but this one is in a league of its own.

    Book: Search Press. Hardback. 192 Pages. Colour Throughout.

    Billy Showell has selected three of her must have tools for painting her botanical pieces.

    Set contains 2 x kolinsky sable brushes in sizes 2 & 6 and a synthetic eradicator, ideal for finer details. Learn More
  6. Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes the Easy Way Book with Terry Harrison and Golden Leaf Brush

    Painting Watercolour Snow Scenes the Easy Way Book with Terry Harrison and Golden Leaf Brush

    SAA Price £23.98

    This fantastic bundle gives you one of Terry's finest books, as well as one of the key tools to create some of the paintings inside!

    Given a free choice of subject by his publisher for his next book, this was what Terry chose. It's also a masterpiece of his clear and generous tuition and really does make light work of one of the most difficult subjects there is.

    Snow, of course, isn't white. It also isn't, unlike water, about reflection. Snow has substance, shape and form, and the only way to record it is to look for the subtleties of colour within it and, particularly, within its shadows.

    You'll find techniques including wet-in-wet, drybrush and lost and found as well as hints on the use of photographs - no-one wants to spend too long painting outdoors in the cold! Terry will show you how to capture snow on trees, on rocks, in drifts and covering wide landscapes. There are buildings, paths, woods - even a few hardy figures - as well as changes of season and lighting. The book is full of hints, tips, exercises and demonstrations that will help you master this challenging subject.

    Sadly, this is Terry's last book, but it is also one of his best and he was proud of the finished result.

    Search Press . Paperback . 128 pages . Colour Throughout Learn More
  7. Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains with Matthew Palmer - Complete Materials Bundle

    Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains with Matthew Palmer - Complete Materials Bundle

    Non - member Price: £39.99
    SAA Price £29.99

    This complete materials bundle includes the brushes and paint you need to use just three colours to create stunning watercolour mountains.

    Mountains are an important feature of many landscapes and this easy-to-follow book and DVD set will help you get them right every time.

    Working with just three colours and three brushes, Matthew shows you how to handle shape, form, contrast and recession. Following a brief introduction to materials and method, you’ll find yourself working on a number of projects covering various mountain scenes and seasons. There’s no better encouragement than success and with Matthew’s guidance, you’ll master it quickly.

    Both the DVD and book give you clear demonstrations that introduce water, snow, vegetation, buildings and more. This is a simple guide made even more straightforward by Matthew’s clear advice and concise instructions.

    Search Press - Paperback - 64 pages • Colour throughout - 70 mins

    Bundle includes:
    Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains with Matthew Palmer Book
    Take Three Colours: Watercolour Mountains with Matthew Palmer DVD

    SAA Artists’ Watercolour 14ml tubes: French Ultramarine, Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson.

    SAA Gold Brushes: Round sizes 12, 6 & 2 Learn More
  8. Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics with Dave White PLUS SAA Acrylic Practice Paper Bundle

    Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics with Dave White PLUS SAA Acrylic Practice Paper Bundle

    SAA Price £16.00

    Fantastic value bundle - everything you need to create some stunning dog portraits!

    Portraits of animals, and especially dogs, are about much more than just technique. In this remarkably comprehensive book, Dave will show you how to capture character alongside likeness, as well as providing all the technical information you’ll need to do this.

    Using a wide variety of examples, Dave starts by showing you how to prepare for your work, what materials you will need and the use of backgrounds and settings. He then moves on to extended studies of features such as hair, eyes, whiskers and noses - all details that you need to get right if the result is to look anything like a dog and, especially, the subject in question.

    There’s plenty of instruction, exercises, hints, tips and demonstrations and Dave is superb at both showing and explaining so that you’ll never feel lost or unconfident. Particularly useful are the 'True Tales' that appear throughout, relating what you’re doing to real animals whose character shines in both the stories and the illustrations.

    We’re more than halfway through the book before the full projects start, but these will enable you to put all you’ve learnt so far into practice, judging your own results against those of Dave himself.

    This is an excellent guide that will show you how to capture not just a likeness, but the character of your subject as well.

    Search Press - Paperback - 144 pages - Colour throughout - PLUS SAA Acrylic Practice Paper Quarter Imperial, 10 sheets. Learn More
  9. Pastel Innovations Book with Dawn Emerson and Practice Paper Trial Pack

    Pastel Innovations Book with Dawn Emerson and Practice Paper Trial Pack

    SAA Price £22.75

    This innovative book is full of creative ideas that will take your pastel paintings to new heights, and with our pastel paper trial pack, you'll have what you need to get started!

    Pastel Innovations Book by Dawn Emerson

    Dawn Emerson begins with a fresh look at the vocabulary of art, encouraging you to think anew about the way you see and create.

    Starting again from scratch prepares you for a raft of fresh ideas that use form and colour in whole new ways. She also introduces other media and techniques such as stenciling and monoprinting that open up a world of creative effects.

    This isn't a book about how to paint in pastel so much as a guide to how to use the medium to express your ideas in a whole new way.

    Practice Paper Trial Pack

    Featuring every colour in the range, this trial packs allows you to explore the full range and really get to grips with pastels!

    The 160gsm, acid free, 45% cotton rag paper is textured on one side and smooth on the other side allowing you to work on your preferred surface.

    Developed for soft pastels, it is also suitable for other media including pencil, chalk, charcoal, felt tip, black lead and ink.

    10 x 35x25cm sheets in Cream, Ochre, Pearl and Dark Grey.

    North Light Books - Hardback - 162 Pages - Colour Throughout Learn More
  10. Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Flowers in Watercolour Book with Ann Mortimer + Practice Paper Pad Bundle

    Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Flowers in Watercolour Book with Ann Mortimer + Practice Paper Pad Bundle

    SAA Price £14.99

    Learn to paint watercolour flowers in 35 easy-to-follow 30-minute exercises.

    This complete beginners guide to painting flowers in watercolour is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time.

    Each of the 35 quick and easy exercises takes no more than 30 minutes to complete, and will teach you how to paint flowers of different shapes, colours and families lilies, orchids and hellebores amongst others or learn a key technique such as masking out, working wet in wet and colour-mixing.

    The exercises are all worked at postcard size ideal for a 6 x 4in (A6) watercolour pad, and tracings are included for each study.

    The book is broken down into five chapters that focus, respectively, on working with watercolour, watercolour techniques, colour and tone, form and detail, and finally flowers in context.

    The final section of the book contains three complete paintings that demonstrate how to combine all the techniques and elements of painting flowers, as learned from the preceding chapters.

    These paintings, too, are accompanied by actual-size tracings.

    Search Press - 96 Pages - Colour Throughout. Learn More
  11. SPECIAL OFFER: Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers Book with Julie King + complete materials bundle

    SPECIAL OFFER: Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers Book with Julie King + complete materials bundle

    SAA Price £34.79

    We're proud to bring you this fantastic watercolour book by Julie King, and all the materials you'll need to get started.

    Take Three Colours: Watercolour Flowers with Julie King Book
    With 3 colours, 3 brushes and this practical advice, you can start painting beautiful watercolour flowers.

    Tempted to start painting but not sure where to start? Learn how to paint beautiful watercolour flowers using just 3 colours, 3 brushes, a plastic palette and a watercolour pad.

    This book will build your skills through easy exercises, starting from the simplest of tulips and working up to a stunning rose. Clear advice and step-by-step photography will show you exactly what to do at each stage. No drawing necessary you can simply trace and transfer the basic drawings from the finished paintings, which are shown at full size.

    SAA Watercolour Practice Paper 1/4 Imperial, NOT, 10 Sheets

    300gsm/140lbs SAA Practice Paper features a new absorbent surface that has been specially developed to keep your colours clean and bright - great for washes, blending and bringing your paintings to life.

    SAA Silver Detailer Watercolour Brushes
    The perfect alternative to Sable hair, SAA Silver Brushes are made using a synthetic mix that is great at holding lots of paint and keeping its shape.

    SAA Silver Detailer Watercolour Brush (Size 02) (2mm)

    Paint detailed elements successfully!

    We've designed the Detailer for flower studies or those detailed elements of a landscape to give you every chance of success.

    SAA Silver All Rounder Watercolour Brush (Size 10) (7mm)

    A brush you can rely on!

    As its name suggests it is superb for painting most subjects - use it for skies, washes, and for most landscape elements. Every SAA member should have one.

    Equivalent to Round Size 10

    SAA Silver Large Detailer Watercolour Brush (Size 04) (3mm)

    Equivalent to a round size 04.

    SAA Artists Watercolours 14ml

    Made exclusively in the UK, each 14ml tube combines the finest pigments, with the highest quality production standards, and represents fantastic value for money for any watercolour painter.

    SAA Artists Watercolour French Ultramarine 14ml

    French Ultramarine is just one of the many beautiful colours in the SAA Artists' Watercolour range.

    One of the most practical colours in the artists' palette, French Ultramarine is the perfect blue for painting skies and seascapes.

    French Ultramarine is permanent under normal conditions; its warm, semi-transparent colour is great for mixing rich darks and Purples.

    SAA Artists Watercolour Permanent Rose 14ml

    Permanent, intense deep rose colour, with a semi-transparent quality - perfect for adding highlights to skin tones, landscapes and florals.

    SAA Artists Watercolour Cadmium Yellow 14ml

    Beautifully brilliant, this intense, bright, yellow is renowned for its versatility, permanence and tinting power.

    Extremely permanent under normal conditions, Cadmium Yellow is noted for its acclaimed brightness, strength and opacity.

    Book: Search Press - Colour Throughout - 64 Pages

    We are proud of the fact that our SAA Silver Brushes are suitable for vegans. They are constructed from synthetic hair, bound by a non-animal based glue and have handles sourced from CITES approved sustainable growth plantations.

    French Ultramarine
    Pigment Composition: Silica/Sodium/Sulphur/Alumina Complex
    Permanence: A (Permanent under normal conditions)
    Notes: ST* (Semi Transparent)

    Permanent Rose
    Pigment Composition: Bon Arylamide
    Permanence: A (Permanent under normal conditions)
    Notes: ST (Semi Transparent)

    Cadmium Yellow
    Pigment Composition: Cadmium Sulphide
    Permanence: AA (Extremely Permanent)
    Notes: O (Opaque)

    * Colour strength may be reduced if exposed to acidic conditions
    We take pride in the fact that our paints contain no animal by-products and are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans. Learn More
  12. SPECIAL OFFER: Watercolour Unleashed Book & DVD & Granulation Medium Set

    SPECIAL OFFER: Watercolour Unleashed Book & DVD & Granulation Medium Set

    SAA Price £23.30

    This is a fantastic opportunity to get Jane Betteridge's Book and DVD set, as well as Winsor & Newton's Granulation medium for a fantastic price!

    Winsor & Newton Granulation Medium

    "See the Granulation Medium work its magic and transform a simple area of flat paint into something with texture and atmosphere in your washes. You can also get fantastic
    results by dribbling it too!."
    Jane Betteridge - SAA Professional Artist

    This medium gives a mottled or granular appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash. By adding Granulation Medium to colours that already granulate the effect is further enhanced.

    75ml bottle.

    Watercolour Unleashed Book

    This is a book, Jane says, that sets out to prove that watching paint, especially watercolour, dry can be extremely exciting.

    If you've always wanted to find out what your medium is capable of, read on. This is a book that explores the many and varied techniques you can try, from wet-in-wet through gesso and granulation to the use of salt and other ways of creating texture.

    Don't make the mistake of assuming it's just a technical exercise for its own sake, though. Throughout, Jane shows you how to create pictorial effects and use watercolour's properties and effects to create strong images that reflect the nature of your subject.

    Revel in the use of colour, create background shapes with tissue paper, cling film or even cotton thread, enhance composition with collage. The world really is your oyster and a series of fully-illustrated projects will show you how to paint a wide range of landscape and natural subjects with a whole added dimension.

    Watching paint dry isn't just exciting, it brings out a whole new approach to creativity.

    Search Press - Paperback - 144 Pages - Colour throughout

    Watercolour Unleashed DVD

    In this DVD, Jane Betteridge's experimental methods in watercolour mix bold, strong colour with fluid movement, creating beautifully lively art works that capture the fun and excitement of the medium like no other.

    In the early stages of the DVD, she will create how to master the perfect vibrant wet-in-wet background, placing colour in certain spots to mix and create beautiful and surprising mixes. These backgrounds become the base of many of Jane's works, and the main project here is no exception. In the later stages, she will create a lively and exciting dandelion clock using watercolour, inks, granulation mediums and delicate brush strokes to inspire you to create your own wonderful and experimental unleashed watercolours.

    Jane is an artist and tutor whose interest in painting started from a young age, later developing her skills as a keen hobby artist, partaking in local watercolour classes. She later gained A-level and City and Guilds certificates in art before starting her career as an art tutor.

    She frequently displays her work at exhibitions, and holds her own annual solo exhibition, where she has in excess of 80 paintings on display. In 2009, Jane was delighted to be invited to take the role of resident artist at the BBC Gardeners World Live event, at the NEC in Birmingham, where she painted a section of an award winning gardens each day.

    Special Feature: Rolling Hills

    DVD: 60mins

    Please note this DVD title is only available in PAL format and therefore is unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands.

    However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops. Learn More

All Book and Art Material Bundle Items (23 products)

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