I uploaded a blog recently about using colours that I wouldn't ordinarily use in my work, and I chose 3 colours from the SAA range and see how they combined to make a painting. I do this occasionally to expand my understanding of colours and how they work together when mixed.

You will see on my website ( www.thepaintings.co.uk ) that I like to use a wide tonal range and strong colours.

In the 30 or so years that I have been painting, this is the first time I have selected these 3 colours from the broad SAA range of watercolours to create an image, although it’s quite common for me to use a limited palette.

The colours I’ve chosen to use are as follows :  Rose Madder, Quinacridone Gold and Translucent Grey.

The challenge I set myself is to select 3 tubes of paint that I don't normally use, then decide what I might paint with them. Having selected the colours, I realised they are ideal for creating a transparent and colourful sky.

The first thing I did was to wet the whole sheet of watercolour paper with an SAA 1inch flat brush loaded with clean water.


You can see from the picture that I used quite a weak mix of each colour to add horizontal lines across the paper using the same 1inch brush. The top two thirds is sky area, whilst the bottom third will be a large lake and so need to reflect the sky colours. I didn’t mix the colours together, but just allowed them to merge on the wet paper. Then, while the sky was still damp I added some weak Translucent Grey to create the cloud formations, and their reflections in the water area. I didn’t brush the cloud too much, just placed the colour into the area and let it soften and merge.

It’s the first time I’ve used Translucent Grey to paint clouds, but I must say it works rather well.

I needed to add some dark areas now, but also needed to have a little colour and misty light areas. With a strong Translucent Grey I added just the peaks of the distant mountains and then quickly used a wet brush with a very weak Quinacridone Gold in places to create the mist down to the water’s edge. Whilst the mountain slopes were still wet I used the point of the SAA 1inch flat to add a few grey trees along the far shoreline, and applied a little clean water with the same brush underneath the trees to create reflections in the lake.



For the dark foreground areas on either side I used a strong Translucent Grey and added a litlle Rose Madder to warm the grey. The Quinacridoe Gold was used to create the sandy look beneath the darks either side.

I was quite please how vibrant the colours were, and the strength of the dark that I could create. The image appears almost three dimensional.


Now I changed brush to the SAA Rigger and added the trees and posts. Using the side of the rigger I can create quite wide marks, and then working my way outwards from the tree paint some thin ends to the long branches using the tip of the Rigger.

I felt the beach area looked empty and decided to use the same rigger to put in a romantic couple and their dog standing admiring the beautiful view.


The finished painting – hope you like it.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it and that you feel inspired to try a few different colours from the wide range available from the SAA.

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Happy Painting !


Bill Lupton

SAA Ambassador and Tutor